Colorful Borders

It’s neither a stationery pad nor a drawing book. It’s RJ’s notebook in their Filipino subject. According to Ms. Nilda Morales, their teacher in Filipino, many kids lost their interest in writing as they find it boring. So she thinks that if she lets the kids draw borders in the notebook and color them, it will help to get back their interest. I can say it works for RJ as she is always looking forward to write something on her Filipino notebook.

drawings by kids
easy drawings

Cute, is it not? There are different designs on each page. I also suggested to write her favorite quotes either on the top or bottom.

Kids always love to draw and it’s fun to see how creative they can be. In some cases, it helps the kids to be calm and get focused. However, Ms. Nilda Morales allows it only during break time or free periods as not to get in their way of learning. I would suggest it to those who want to encourage their kids to write.

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  1. Thats a great idea. Very motivational. I think everyone of us love the chance to be creative not only kids. I hope she will improve tremendously in her studies. Have fun and good luck to her.
    Thanks for sharing


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