Choosing Summer Activities for Your Child

Tomorrow is RJ’s first guitar lesson day. She is excited to use her pink guitar. Hubby bought RJ’s guitar last year but it is RJ’s first time to use it tomorrow. It is a junior guitar which is thinner and smaller than the traditional guitar…just perfect for beginners. Maybe when RJ can play well, we will buy her a bigger guitar.

I can see the excitement and enthusiasm in RJ’s eyes…very unlike me when I had my guitar lessons.  Oh yes, I also had my guitar lessons when I was in the fourth grade but didn’t learn a bit.  It’s because it was my dad who wanted it. I don’t hate music but I don’t love it that much either. But RJ, she easily learns musical instruments because of her love and passion for music…the very reason how we ended up with a guitar lesson as her activity this summer vacation.

If you are also planning to enroll your child to summer activities, below are the things you should consider.

  • Interest. When you are choosing activities for your child, the first and foremost to consider is his/her interest. Remember that children are not born equal. Each of them has their own talents and capabilities. They would be very happy to devote their time to the activities that truly inspires them thus they would learn easily. Pushing your child to achieve your own unfulfilled ambition is like punishing him/her all throughout the activity unless otherwise he/she has the passion for the said activity as much as you do.
  • Benefits. Aside of course from learning the activity itself, assess what other benefits your child can get from it. Will it boost his/her self-confidence, develop his/her social skills and team work, etc?
  • Accessibility. It is practical to choose an activity center that is close to home.  Long car journey can result to a tired child that is grumpy and unfocused.
  • Duration. Summer activities should not last for more than a month. Give your child the chance to play and do other things that interests him/her.
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