Choosing Age-Appropriate Pets for Kids

Parents who love having pets around them would definitely want their children to have their own pets soon enough. But before getting them something to take care of, you should consider their age and the appropriateness of the pet you have in mind for them. You have to realize that having pets can be both helpful and dangerous, so here are some tips when choosing pets for kids according to their age.

pets for kids
At age four to five, children are slowly
learning to be responsible and empathize
with other people and animals.

Pets and Babies

Babies as we know cannot take care of themselves, thus getting a pet for this stage should be well considered. If you already have a family pet around, it would be wise to introduce your new baby to your pet. Take note of their interaction, as some pets can become anxious around babies. If it turns out okay, gradually increase the time you spend with your pet. Your pet may occasionally lick your baby in its hand or feet so just make sure that your baby’s hand is clean.

Pets and Toddlers

Toddlers usually are clumsy, curious and very mischievous. They will pull animal fur, tail and limbs. They can be bold and ride your dogs or cats. If you intend to get a pet for them at this age, teach them to pay safely with the animals. Some can handle rough play and stay docile around small children, but some can also become angry and aggressive. Choose breeds that are known to be well-behaved around children and make sure that your kid does not play with your pet foods, dishes or litter box.

Pets and Young Children

At age four to five, children are slowly learning to be responsible and empathize with other people and animals. You can get them a guinea pig at this age or a goldfish because they also have attention spans. Small pets for kids such as these two do not require a lot of effort. You can start teaching them how to take care of their pets like cleaning cages and toys, feeding and refilling water bowls.

Pets and Teens

Teenagers are usually ready for more difficult to handle pets for kids. They are more responsible and are willing to take on more tasks. You can get them an active or sporty dog breed that they can take around for walking, running and playing outdoors. You can rely that kids this age can do things correctly so they should be able to feed, clean and exercise their pets regularly. Allow them to join in pet training classes which can be a good learning experience for them as well.

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