Choose the Right Bed Frame

You spend 1/3 of your day (that’s 8 hours) in your bed and to have a good support, a good mattress is not the only thing to consider but a good bed frame too. You seem to always neglect the bed frame. You didn’t realize that it is the unseen support for your mattress and box springs for them to last longer and perform well. The proper bed frame is just the beginning towards a good night’s sleep.

There are different kinds of modern bed frames available, the metal frames, the wooden frames and the platforms. The metal frame is made of lightweight steel and is equipped with wheels or not. Headboards are often attached to this bed frame but it can be used also with a wooden headboard. Its great advantage is the cost and it comes in variety of styles and finishes. It is very durable that it will last through a lifetime.

The wooden bed frame has a similar construction to the very basic metal bed frame but it is a lot more attractive because of its elegance. It works best for an average weight load. However, it is not as cheap as the metal bed frame but it provides class to your mattress and turns them into beautiful bed.

Through platform bed frames are designed for water bed mattresses, it can also be used for a regular mattress. It provides firm cushioning and gives adequate support for a mattress by itself. You can have an optional under bed drawers or twin trundle bed that made it very popular and practical bedroom furniture.

Bed frame helps to provide you with a goodnight sleep. Choosing the right bed frame is an important decision.

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