Chocolate Porridge (Champorado)


1/4 kg. glutinous rice
8 cups water
1/4 kg. white sugar
4 tbsp. powder cocoa
evaporated milk

Boil the glutinous rice in 8 cups water until cooked. Add cocoa powder (dissolve in hot water) and sugar. Let boil for few more minutes. Serve with evaporated milk. More delicious if eaten with fried dried fish (tuyo). Best recipe for rainy season.
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  1. Yummmy Ross! Great snack for the cold weather. At meron pang bulad! 😀 Never tried that yet. Just can’t maalat and sweet go together. 🙂

    Busog na ako sa kakabisita sa mga entries ng lahat. 🙂

  2. That’s one I’m craving for–a champorado!!But since ako lang ang kumakain nyan dito,makikikain ako sa inyo,Mommy Rossel!!Gimme those tuyo!!!(^0^)/

    Happy Food Trip Friday,Mommy Rossel!!^_^

  3. masarap yung White King instant champorado. hindi lasang instant! we use that kasi mas madaling i-cook e 🙂

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