Digital Parenting Tools to Combat Dangers in the Internet

The digital world is a vast and complex arena for learning, entertainment, social media, and self expression. It is also an area where kids may be vulnerable to exploitation, moral corruption, bullying, or victimization from cyber criminals. Smart parents will do what it takes to protect their kids from the dangers in the internet. Finding out what these dangers are and getting the tools to combat them is the first step to protect your kids online.


Access to information make the internet an indispensable tool for schoolwork. However, too much time and freedom of use can expose your kids to inappropriate content or disrupt learning habits. Aside from establishing rules on internet usage, parents can also make use of tools like Famililoop Safeguard. This software can help parents block inappropriate content, set limits and monitor internet activities, be aware of potential issues, and locate their kids through geo fences. You can regulate the internet use of your children through the parental control by Familoop. This feature allows you to set healthy time limits for games and apps in your child’s devices. Parents can set time limits for internet access according to their agreed schedule i.e. no access during bedtime, games and apps during playtime only, limited access to sites on study time, etc. Parents can also set limits on the content or videos that their children can watch. The YouTube parental control feature can help you block inappropriate content for your kids. It also makes use of smart protection rules in their internet filtering software. These are age-based protection rules that are designed to provide web filtering and protection on all devices used by your child. Parents are immediately notified if there are suspicious content or searches made on the device even if the user goes on incognito mode.

Another online area that poses a danger to your kids is social networking sites and chat rooms. News of extremists using social network for recruitment and incidents of cyber bullying are worrisome events that are happening in social media. Parents can take a proactive stance in protecting their kids from these threats by monitoring the child’s internet activities. The social network protection feature of Familoop Safeguard automatically connects parents to social networks used by their child. This allows them to monitor and spot suspicious behavior and address it immediately. In this manner, potential cyber predators are kept at bay and cyber bullying can be stopped early.

The internet filtering software, smart parental controls, social network protection, and geotag features of Familoop Safeguard are invaluable tools for your child’s online protection. And not just that, the real time dashboards offer a guide for potential issues and digital parenting advice too. This software enables parents to get to know and understand their children better by keeping them in the loop of the child’s digital self. Remember, a healthy parent and child relationship is important in making these tools even more effective.

Making use of parental control and internet filtering software is the least you could do for your child’s online protection. Be a smart parent by choosing a product that provides complete, and smart, protection like Familoop Safeguard, You can be even smarter by availing of their early opt-it offer get 60% discount when the product is launched on September 2015.

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Protecting Your Children from Illnesses

Keeping your children healthy involves more than just feeding them food and ensuring that they are getting the nutrients they need. There are certain illnesses that could hit even those children who are generally considered to be healthy. Protecting your children from illnesses also means ensuring that they get all the vaccinations they need. Getting these vaccinations is not as easy as going to an online pharmacy and placing your order. You have to visit your child’s doctor and make an appointment for your child’s vaccination.

protecting child
Some parents are guilty of not “updating” their child’s
vaccinations during their school age years.

You have to make sure that your child gets the vaccinations at the prescribed time when they should get them. There are those, for instance, that should be administered to your child within his first few years of life. There are also booster shots that they should get when they are older. Some parents are guilty of not “updating” their child’s vaccinations during their school age years. You still need to visit your child’s doctor when he is older albeit not as often as you do for his well-baby check-ups. You do not have to wait until he gets sick to go in for a medical check-up.

Protecting your children from illnesses also require being updated with the latest health news in your area. There could be breakouts of specific illnesses in your area and you need to take extra precautions. Air borne diseases and those that can easily be transferred are particularly risky for your child. You should know what extra steps you need to take in order to prevent your child from becoming part of the statistics. In some countries, contagious diseases spread fast. They often require more aggressive measures to contain these diseases. Additional vaccinations might be necessary.

Health is truly wealth. Not getting vaccinations or taking precautions for your children for cost reasons could lead to more expensive medical bills when your child gets ill. You would not want your children to suffer from the effects of contracting illnesses just because you chose not to spend for their preventive medical care. Protecting your children from illnesses and ensuring that they get the medical care that they need is an essential part of being a responsible parent.

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Everything You Need To Know About Wearing Women’s Ankle Boots

ankle bootsFashion trends come and go but a woman’s style is something that reflects her personality and her creativity. Therefore the best way to wear trends is to make sure that it goes well with the classic pieces in her wardrobe. Over the recent years one of the trends that became an instant hit is the women’s ankle boots .

The best time to wear it.

Ankle boots usually come out of hiding from the closet during the fall. This time the weather becomes quite chilly and the legs start to require more protection from the cold. This type of boots are perfect for those who do not want to go too high. These shoes got its name because they hit right at the ankle. When these shoes are paired with the right outfits they can make you look very stylish and fashionable.

How to wear ankle boots.

There are many ways to wear this particular footwear. It can be a bit tricky because they can either make or break your outfit. Here are some tips on how to wear cute ankle boots to enhance your look.

1.) Wear it with a dress.

Dresses with flattering silhouettes are best to wear to just about any occasion. When you wear ankle boots with a flowy dress it gives you just the right amount of height. Also, wearing these shoes can make an outfit look more put together without being too over the top. Add a nice little belt on your waist to create an hour glass figure.

2.) Wear it long blouses and tights.

Tights or leggings are the easiest way to complete an outfit. They give your legs protection from the cold and they always make your silhouette leaner and longer. When worn with ankle shoes of the same color palette this will let you have an illusion of longer legs. It is a very flattering outfit to wear to casual days of hanging out with friends or even to your office.

3.) Wear it with skinny jeans.

There is nothing more stylish then a pair of skinny jeans that shows off your figure. When worn with cute ankle boots you will have an outfit that spells stylish and fashion-forward in an instant.

While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fashion the one thing that you must keep in mind is that what you wear should flatter your body. So if you are thinking of getting a pair of ankle shoes then understand that proportions matter. For example, knee-length skirts or dresses should not be worn with these shoes because they will give you a chopped-off stubby look that is very unflattering. When worn with short skirts however, it becomes a totally different story. Shorter hemlines allow you to show off your beautiful legs and ankle shoes are the perfect way to complete your look.

Styles of Women’s Ankle Boots

There are many different types of boots that you could add to your wardrobe. Go for suede or leather or wedge. Go for different bold prints or solid colors. Go for embellished or plain. The possibilities are endless and whatever you end up choosing just know that fashion is all about you. Express yourself and your creativity through your outfits and just have fun with it.

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How To Size Up A Nanny Applicant

Time has come that your maternity leave is over and you definitely need someone to take care of your new born child because you really need to go back to work. Lucky for those people who got a reliable relative living within them because they can just easily pass on the baby sitting task without having any trust issues. These relatives can be old maid aunts or not too old grandparents who are just so fond of taking care of children.

However, there are people who are left with no choice but to hire nannies or doulas. The thing about doing it would be the assurance that these people will take care of your child properly. They aren’t related with your family and will just do the job for the sake of money. You would be allowing them to live with you inside your house thus giving the person all the access of whatever you have.

There have been a lot of scary stories of nannies becoming robbers or those maltreating the children of their employers when they’re not at home and you definitely wouldn’t want it to happen to your own family.

When you’re planning to hire a nanny it is very important to be vigilant and always be one step ahead of time. It’s not a guarantee that these individuals are carrying crime clearances because these documents can now be faked easily. It would be much better if you can obtain recommendation from your trusted friends.

It’s just so hard to trust a stranger right away. During her first few weeks in your house, maintain distance and continue to evaluate them. Allow an open communication and let them feel that you can be trusted as well. It’s a two-way journey, and everything should be give and take. Keep in mind that your child’s safety is at stake.

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How To Raise A Street Smart Kid

ID-10015177The outside world is admittedly scary and only those who were accustomed to its ways can survive. Parents wouldn’t want their children to be caught in the middle of a rage or become victims of those criminals roaming around waiting for their innocent victims.

However, keeping your children from the outside world can make them the most innocent ones thus making them more susceptible to the villains of the community. Present them the reality as soon as possible and just make sure you’re with them during these times because basically letting them experience the outside world doesn’t mean letting them experience it alone. A high school student who doesn’t even know how to cross the street because he wasn’t able to try it in his entire life is definitely not a good scenario.

The moment your child learns to speak, present to him safety tips immediately and you can start on those things that he often encounters at home. Children are intuitive and naturally smart. If you could just explain everything properly to them, there is no doubt that they could get it in the fastest way possible.

Present to them the reality of life not through scaring them with your horrible experiences. Instead, discuss about the proper ways of handling it. Teach them to be vigilant and never trust anyone immediately.

Children can be easily lured with sweet goodies but if parents could let them feel that these goodies can be given by them then most likely they won’t accept anything from people they don’t know.

Keep yourself aware of what’s happening in your community so that you can warn your children ahead of time. It pays to be updated and prepared.

A street smart kid is not all the time learning out of experience but also out of the teachings of their street smart parents.

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