Some Personal Time

We know all you mums out there love your kids to bits. Saying this however you did all have to up with him or her for nine long months as it slept inside your belly. During which the little monster gave you all sorts of problems! Bad moods, made you eat like Godzilla and you couldn’t even have a small glass of wine after a long, long day!

And now they need your constant attention, they make you run around cleaning up their messes, you have to cook, clean, shower them and wipe their bottom. So here is a great way for you to relax as soon as they go to soccer practice or when they finally fall to sleep. The best thing is, you don’t even have to leave the house to do it. So open a bottle of your favourite chardonnay and play some bingo at Ladbrokes.

When we tried it its really easy to join up and they give you a sign up bonus! Its an easy enough game and even if you don’t know how to play it, (which I seriously doubt) its very easy to learn. There is a really nice online community of other mothers just like you (and other bingo enthusiasts) all there to help you and have a friendly chat while you try your luck at the draws!

There are loads of different variations of bingo, and we suggest you try a few to find out which one really gets your juices flowing! You can either get reward points whether you play regular “90 ball bingo” or more exotic versions like “deal or no deal bingo” or “who wants to be a millionaire bingo”. If you ever get stuck they have live chat helpers that can help you out straight away, just remember that when you win don’t shout too loud or you may just wake the little ones up!

Happy Birthday to the Greatest Husband and Father

It’s his birthday today. You wouldn’t believe it but we don’t fight, not even a single petty quarrel. He is so kind that he seldom gets mad. He is one of those kindest, most caring and loving persons on earth.  Most people though, have this first impression that he is a snob, but he is not. He is just quiet but he is a great company. He has this sense of humor that would make anyone roll to laughter.

He is my best friend, my comrade, my confidante, my provider and my guide. He is very considerate and green-minded…errr…broad-minded rather. His wisdom astounds me at times. And yes, he is sometimes my ghost-writer, dishwasher, messenger and masseur. He helps me with the laundry and wakes up early in the morning to prepare breakfast but never complained a bit.

I am so lucky to be blessed with a companion like him for a lifetime who has taught me so much…taught me to be humble, patient, considerate and courageous. He is always there to pull me and cheer me up when I am down. Today is a great time to thank this wonderful man and to remind him how much I love him.

Happy birthday to the greatest husband and father on earth. I love you!

A Mom’s Insight on Psychics

Problems are part of our daily life and yes, they are inevitable. They will not go away until they are solved. Some people say to just ignore the problem because it will go away eventually. Instead of facing the issues, these people take the easy way out. It may be effective for some but not for most people. There are problems that are recurrent and persistent that continously nag you across some aspect of life…problems on financials, marriage, career, etc…problems that are need to be faced and solved  if you want to lead a happy and healthy life with hopes and dreams. And though you can solve the problems by your own, sometime you need a friend who will listen to all your sentiments and give good advices as much as possible. However, not all can bring out what’s inside them. There are things that they rather choose not to talk about because they are afraid or ashamed. They didn’t   know that psychics can help them.

When thinking about psychics, most people picture someone with crystal ball or tarot cards; someone who can look what fate has to offer or someone who can talk to the spirits. But these are not only what real psychics have to offer.  If you are frustrated or unsure, trusted phsychics could give you personalized advices. With the help of their insights and psychic gifts, they can give you answers to life’s difficult questions. They will change your attitude and the way you think by eradicating all the negativities in your thoughts. They will show you options thus, you can make the right choices.

Yes, we are the ones in control over our lives. But life depends on the choices we make. If I can make the right choices by going to the positive side of negative situations, then I won’t hesitate to talk to a psychic.

What to Give Him

Hubby’s birthday is fast approaching and up to now, I still am thinking of what gift I shall give him. Problem is, everytime I ask him what kind of gift does he want for his birthday, he just shrugs his shoulder.  Many will agree that it is more difficult to find a gift for men as compared to women so as usual, this is going to be challenging one. Expensive gifts is a no-no because for him, times are tough and we have to spend wisely in order for us to save and to have something to use when the time comes.Hmmm, let’s see. I gave him leather wallets before, a leather belt last Christmas, a leather basketball on our last anniversary and a pair of leather shoes last Valentine’s. Yes, he loves leather so much. Lol!

Last week, he was asking if we have a credit card holder since he keeps on digging for his cards from his backpack because he’s just putting it in his bag’s pocket. Since I love leathers, I think I’ll go with a rectangular leather wallet with compartments for his credit cards. Aside from being sturdy and fashionable, it’s going to help him organize his credit cards. Also, he’s going to love the new design since he’s used to using the backpocket type.

Bad Experience in MRT

Hubby seldom rides the MRT. He would rather ride the dilapidated buses plying our area than ride the Metro Rail Transit (MRT). The reason: poor crowd control. He had a bad experience when he chose to take the MRT just to be able to make it on an early appointment. It was a Monday morning and Hubby will never forget the scene: mixture of crowd of people (office employees, students, construction workers) all rushing to board the trains without regard to others’ safety, age or gender. There was shoving, shouting and cussing and the funny things is, the security guards manning the stations can not do anything about it. They are only concerned on the arrival/departure of the trains and they blow their whistle when you step on the yellow tiles. Also, pickpockets are having a field day on these kind of situations. They can easily blend with the crowd and feast on victims’ gadget, wallets, cellphones and other valuables. I just hope that MRT management can do something about this. I hope they can make plans on how to control the crowd (e.g. “keep right rule on the train entrance/exit”) not only during rush hours but all throughout the day so that it will be a pleasant experience whenever you ride the MRT.