Sibling Rivalry: What Makes Siblings Rivals Too

It is sad to see kids fighting or quarrelling but sibling rivalry is quite common in many households. This usually happens when there is a new baby in the house or when jealousy and competition comes to the equation. Parents need to be aware of any rivalry among their siblings so they can address it immediately and minimize any negative effect it may have in their adulthood.

sibling rivalry

There are several causes of sibling rivalry. In households where there is an older child and a new born, the cause of rivalry is usually the need for attention. The same goes for situations wherein one sibling has special needs that require more attention than the other. One sibling might feel neglected whenever special attention is given to the other child. The need to compete parental attention becomes more intense when both parents also have their hands full with work. Spending quality one-on-one time with each child can help remove feelings of rivalry between siblings.

Another possible cause of rivalry is personality differences between siblings. An introvert child may not appreciate the antics of an extrovert sibling and lead to squabbles. Personality differences also play a big role when children have to share rooms or belongings. Each child would like to have his preferred design or colour chosen for the room. It would help if parents can take time to explain these differences with their children and teach the kids about negotiation and compromise.

Fairness is also an issue that could lead to sibling rivalry. When parents play favourites then jealousy will soon come to play. It is important for parents to recognize the unique and special traits of each child so they can make both siblings feel special.

The causes of sibling rivalry may be varied but the simplest way to deal with it is to make each child feel as loved and as important as the other.

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Baby’s First Year: Why Being the Best Mother Means Caring for Your Own Needs, Too

With an estimated 2 billion mothers worldwide, becoming a mother is something that will likely happen to many of today’s young women. Whilst having a baby is without a doubt one of the happiest, most rewarding things anyone can go through, it can also be one of the most challenging and overwhelming with many different fears along the way.

mother and baby

Especially if you’re a new mother, taking the best possible care of your baby is likely to be your no.1 priority – and rightly so. But just because you now have a tiny human to look after, this doesn’t mean you have to completely neglect your own wants and needs too. Caring for your own needs is just as important as looking after your baby, as it is vital you keep yourself healthy and well for your baby’s sake. So if you’re struggling to find motivation to take your needs seriously too, here are some simple ways to look after yourself without compromising the needs of your baby.

Ask for help

No one said motherhood was easy and, if you’re trying to juggle everything on your own without any help, you’ll likely burn yourself out in the long-run. No one likes to admit they’re struggling but, for the sake of your baby, if you’re feeling unable to cope it’s essential you’re not too proud to ask for help.

Your family and friends will likely love your baby as much as you and will want to do anything they can to make your job easier. Even if it’s just babysitting for a couple of hours so you can have some time to yourself, accepting help from others is an ideal way to reduce any stress you may be feeling.

Treat yourself

Especially in the first few months of motherhood, you’ll likely want to spend every cent you earn on buying new things for your baby. Whilst it’s great you want to give your baby everything you can, it’s essential that you also treat yourself.

Luxury items like a car are likely to become even more important during the years of motherhood, as it’s only a matter of time before your baby grows up and wants to be taken to play dates. So, if you’re in need of a family-friendly vehicle but are blowing all your money on treats for your baby, be practical and weigh-up what’s most important. Click here to discover some affordable options for inspiration.

Drink water

We’re always told to drink lots of water but, as a mother, it’s never been more important. Not only will it keep your energy and hydration levels up, but will also provide the essential liquid needed for breastfeeding. Keeping both yourself and your baby healthy, ensuring to drink lots of water is one of the simplest steps you can take.

Motherhood will always be challenging even for the most prepared mothers. Both your physical and emotional wellbeing will be tested like never before so, even though you’ll likely want to focus all your energy on your baby, it’s still important to give yourself some love too!

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Follow These 10 Winter Care Tips For Your Kids

Winter is here and you must have already taking the necessary precautions to stay cool and healthy this season. You must have already kept your beauty pouch ready with the winter care products that will help your skin to stay healthy and beautiful. You must have even looked into your wardrobe to fill it with winter care clothes including sweaters and mufflers. But, have you done with the winter precautions for your kid? If you are not sure about it, then follow these 10 winter care tips for your kids. It will make them enjoy the winter to its fullest.

winter care

Winter Care Products

Like adults, even kids have their own winter care products in the form of lotion, cream and even soap. Make sure that you pamper them enough with these products, so that their skin do not go too dry this winter.

Keep Medicines Handy

The climate is adverse and there are chances that your kids might fall sick or get cough or cold when they get exposed. So, make sure that you have the regular medicines for cough, cold or fever handy and in stock. Replace the old medicines and make sure that you have all the medicines in your first-aid kit. You can buy health supplements and medicines from Healthkart India at affordable rates. Make sure you do not treat them with antibiotics without consulting with a pediatrician.

Woolen Clothes Are Must

It is a must that you make your kids wear woolen clothes before them moving out. Make sure that you cover their ears properly and that cold air doesn’t get in. It might make them fall sick easily. Make them comfortable with breathable winter wear.

Prefer Indoor Activity

It is better and safe if you make your kids stay indoors and play. If they are too stubborn to move out, then make them when there is sunlight outside. Make sure that they do not play outside too late in the evening.

Insist Proper Hygiene

Make sure that the kids follow proper hygiene during winter. They should have clean hands and body. Clean their ears and nose regularly.

Serve Food Warm

It is essential that you feed them food at proper intervals, provided they should be warm enough. It is good to feed them more of easily digestible foods and more of liquids and soups.

Use Toys Carefully

It is good that you make special care of the toys used by kids during this season. There are chances of the spreading of various virus that can lead to flu and cold. Make sure that they do not put any toys in their mouth and they wash their hands properly after playing with the toys. If possible, wash the toys in mild soap before using it the next time.

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Clean Body

Give your baby proper massage and a bath with lukewarm water so that they stay clean and fresh during the winter. If you feel that they are having too many symptoms of getting a fever or cold, then you can damp their body with a wet cloth. But, make sure that they keep a clean body.

Keep Your Home Clean

Apart from the body, make sure that your home is also clean and neat. Due to winter it is not possible to keep the doors and windows open all the time. But, make sure you open them when there is sunlight outdoor so that the room is aerated properly and the microbes do not multiply inside the house.

Enjoy Winter!

Last but not the least; make sure that you allow your kids to enjoy the winter season. Make them feel happy by providing them their favorite food for winter menu, weaving winter mufflers for them, playing with them and caring for them.

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Disciplining Your Child: Should Spanking be Omitted?

Have you been spanking your kids whenever they do something wrong? You might have experienced spanking during you childhood days and find it effective. You might have heard from your friends that they were not able to experience being spanked yet they find it effective as well and now you’re confused on which is the right thing to do.

First time parents would most likely apply what they experienced and the cycle goes on and on. Not unless, someone very influential would convince them to do otherwise.


Child psychologists wouldn’t really recommend spanking as part of the disciplinary method and they are viewing it as unnecessary. According to some parents who don’t utilize spanking, the said act will just develop trauma. Punishment can be used to discipline children but it should not include inflicting pain. Some forms of punishments would be keeping them from their toys for a certain amount of time or perhaps not letting them watch the television or let them face the wall for several minutes. These are annoying activities and convincing enough as a punishment and most especially they don’t involve any pain.

On the other hand, one argues that if spanking would be included, points are more clarified. What the child did was not right and doing such thing comes with a painful price. Because there is pain, the wrong act isn’t going to be done again. Among other feelings, pain is being feared the most. It somehow develops an analysis that there is a limitation in everything and if you go beyond it, there would be an undesirable outcome and one of which is pain.

Both arguments have their points but the decision of including spanking in your disciplinary measures is still up to you. You can never tell which one is effective not unless you were able to try it.

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The Importance of Teaching Children Tolerance

The world can be a scary place and currently with Trump’s political campaign and ‘Brexit’, the world is looking a little scarier. To stop this tide of intolerance and racism from spreading across the world any further, we need to turn to the new generation. Our children are the future and so it’s more important than ever to teach them complete tolerance so they can learn to live in a world without fear, prejudice, or persecution. It doesn’t matter what color a person is, what religion they follow, or who they choose to spend their time – it’s time we adults take responsibility for this world and strive to make tomorrow better.

teaching children tolerance

They’re American

America, like Australia, was built by immigrants and as such there is no such thing as ‘American’ (Native Americans aside). All Americans can trace their ancestry back to Europe, Asia, South America, or Africa. We are a nation of cultures and creeds, founded on the principles that any one person can do and be anything they please. I think these principles are the very thing that makes America such an incredible country and yes we may have our issues, but prejudice and persecution, shouldn’t be one of them.

Their Future

If you don’t share my opinion that children should be taught tolerance because it’s the obvious and right thing to do, then think about this: each country in this world is becoming more and more multicultural as the years go on, especially America, and if you haven’t taught your child the importance of tolerance and respect they aren’t going to be able to make it very far in this world. What if their future boss emigrated here from Kenya or Pakistan? They will never achieve their true potential because of misguided belief that they are better or more important than their neighbor.


There are two perfectly simple ways to make your child tolerant of everyone. First: Lead by example and never make derogatory remarks or share a negative opinion on anyone because who they are. It’s vitally important never to generalize people and this is obvious at the moment with the rise of Islamic terrorism. Just because a small group of Muslims choose to commit atrocities, it doesn’t mean that every Muslim on the planet will do the same. Second: Educate your child on the various religions and cultures of the world. Make sure they know where the other cultures are coming from and how they think. By understanding other people, we will never come into conflict with them over small matters.

Just remember, no child is born racist or intolerant. This behavior is learned from TV, parents, and their extended family and this is why the future rests on our ability to make them a more tolerant generation. If you ever see injustice in the world, point it out to your child, be active in making them a better person and stay vigilant. There is a lot of pain and hurt in the world, let’s not make it worse by propagating a culture of hate.

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