Motorcycle Riding Tips for Adventurous Moms

Motorcycles and moms rarely go together but they do make an interesting pair. Aside from looking good in motorcycle jackets for women, moms can also enjoy the practical benefits of motorcycle riding. These include better gas mileage, easier maintenance, and less space requirements compared to cars. Motorcycle riding can be a good Mom-time. It can also help improve physical and mental health of riders. As such, it is not surprising that more people are riding motorbikes these days. Here are a few motorcycle riding tips for women who would like to try their hands on motorcycles.

Dress for comfort and safety

Exercise or gym clothes are some of the most comfortable outfits that you can wear. However, they provide you very little protection for motorcycle riding. You’ll need clothes that can protect you from scrapes or injuries in case of a fall or crash. Start off with a full face helmet, motorcycle jacket, pants, and boots. Fashionable moms need not worry because there are motorcycle helmets for women that would suit them just fine. There are also plenty of options for motorcycle riding gear for women.

Learn the Basics

Winging it isn’t a smart move when riding motorcycles. The best way to keep you safe is to know all the basics about riding. Aside from reading up on motorcycle riding tips, you also need to know the traffic rules and safety regulations for riding a motorcycle. This will help you avoid getting in trouble with the law and keep you safe while on the road. It is also recommended to get a mentor to help you. Mentors can guide you through the theoretical and practical aspects of motorcycle riding. They can even teach you a few moves to improve your riding skills.

Find the Right Motorcycle

There is a wide array of motorcycle models out there but don’t get a bike for its look alone. It can be tempting to get a cool big bike that can turn heads on the highway but the question is, can you handle it? Your best bet is a bike that fits both your size and needs. If there are motorcycle riding tips, then there are also motorcycle buying guides that you can consult for choosing your first motorcycle. Start with a beginners’ motorcycle then move on to upgraded models as you get better in handling it.

Photo by Sarah Cween on Unsplash

Ladies’ Wear – Hot Spring Colours

ladies' wear

If you’ve been shopping in town or online recently, you’ll see that the new styles for spring and summer 2013 are well and truly here. Window displays are bright and lively, design details abound and everyone’s dying for the sun to come out and the temperatures to rise so that they can get into Cotton Traders oxford shirts, Cotton Traders womens trousers, lighter tops and the latest sunglasses. For people just starting to explore 2013 trends, here’s a guide to the key colours for ladies’ wear.

Last year’s neon is out, but that doesn’t mean everything’s gone subtle and subdued. Instead, key colours of yellow, green, orange and blue are acid-bright, but balanced with pastel shades of the same tones, clear neutral base colours and classic black and white. The key this season is to be bold with colour – wearing a single colour top-to-toe if you are brave enough, but certainly steering away from safety and giving yourself permission to stand out from the crowd.

Only the truly courageous match catwalk colour with catwalk style, so if you’re more traditional, choose the colours that suit your skin tone and hair-eye colour and then look for low key styles that let the colour do the talking. This could be something simple like a piece of knitwear that you can wear over a plain white vest top or vice-versa – an acid green t-shirt that peeps through a loose-knitted or crocheted sweater.

Alternatively, move away from block colour and go for something that uses this season’s colours in a bright, busy pattern. Unstructured blouses, print shorts, Capri pants and leggings – these are all great ways to blend colour and pattern without feeling too self-conscious. If you want to give a nod to the latest trends but stay with a fairly traditional look, why not match a good quality pair of jeans with a simple tunic top? Pick a colour that works for you, and look for a tunic that has some detailing, which is also on-trend for this season.

Alternatively, several designers showcased classic black and white collections in this season’s shows, dressing models in stripes, sheers and patterns to make the most of a look that never seems to grow tired. White is tipped as being particularly popular, so if you can, search out the perfect skirts, tops and dresses in this simple shade for a cool, serene summer look. Whether you go for colours or not, there’s plenty in this season’s collection to keep you looking great.

The author of this article has over 20 years experience in the fashion industry.