Save Funny Flash Videos for Kids with the Movavi Screen Capture Studio Review

screen capture studioDo your kids enjoy some of those hilarious Flash-based cartoons that can be found online on various websites? Many children find them captivating, and they can actually be a great way to keep your kids entertained or distract them when they’re feeling restless.

Of course, you probably aren’t going to want to continuously go to websites to view these Flash videos, which is why it would make sense to save them instead. Unfortunately as you probably know Flash videos don’t normally come with an option to do so – which is why you’ll have to rely on the Movavi Screen Capture Studio instead.

Using the Movavi Screen Capture Studio, you can essentially ‘record’ the Flash video that you want and then save it onto your PC. All that you need to do is set it to capture the region where the video is playing and then play the Flash video while you start the recording. When it’s done you will be able to conveniently save it or even optimize it for specific devices with the help of the hundreds of presets that are available.

Some of these presets cater to mobile devices as well, and that is certainly worth taking advantage of as it will mean that you can optimize the videos for your tablet or smartphone and carry it around with you so that you always have it close at hand.

Before you do save your video however, you should explore and try out some of the other features of the Movavi Screen Capture Studio. Apart from being able to capture Flash video, it also has a wide range of capabilities that include:

•Cutting and combining segments of video to get rid of unnecessary parts of your videos or merge separate videos together.
•Enhancing the quality of the videos and improving any issues that may be present.
•Using filters and special effects to transform the visual appearance and style of the videos.
•Adding background music, voiceovers, or any other audio tracks to the video.
•Inserting customizable text as captions, subtitles or watermarks.

By spending a bit of time and trying out these features, you should begin to develop a better idea of how they can affect your video – and you can then decide how and when you want to use them. In some cases they may even present some attractive options, such as cutting the highlights from several funny Flash videos and merging them into a single video.

Good Study Habits for Better Academic Performance

In the battle between play and homework, the latter rarely wins the favor of kids. Homework and reviews for quizzes are tasks that kids would rather put off until the last minute or until their parents force them to do it. Helping kids develop good study habits as early as grade school can help make it easier for kids to do academic work at home. Once instilled, these habits can be used as tools for academic excellence and career advancement in adulthood.

good study habits

Here are some ideas on how to instill good study habits in your children.

Set a study time

Children usually rush out of their classroom to play with their friends as soon as the school bell rings. And homework is the farthest thing in their mind. Striking a balance between work and play is essential in making study habits effective. Giving kids a break before hitting the books can help them concentrate on learning instead of day dreaming about play time. Once the schedule is set, parents should ensure that the child sticks to it in order to instill good study habits.

Find a study area that is conducive for learning

The family room can pose a lot of distractions for a child doing his homework. Find a small area in the house where the child can focus on his work. It can be a desk in his room or a kitchen table facing away from any distraction. Make sure that your designated space is well organized. The resources that the child would need should be within reach so he doesn’t have to waste time looking for it.

Discover your child’s learning style

This can help you determine the best schedule for the child’s study period to make the most out of it. Knowing the learning style of your child can also help in choosing instructional methods and tools for difficult subjects.

Education is one of the best legacies that parents can leave their children. You can add value to this legacy by instilling good study habits in the process. This way, children can make the most out of their academic years and see the value of time spent on learning.

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4 Party Themes for Your Child’s Next Party

The excited screaming of kids running past. The colourful rainbow of fancy-dress costumes. The sweet smell of cake that inevitably decorates faces as much as it fills bellies.

There are some things that never change. Parties for young children is one of them.

If, like many people, a fun birthday party (or two) is a cherished childhood memory of yours, no doubt you’re keen to create the same unforgettable atmosphere for your child’s next party. Doing so means food, drinks, decorations, outfits, games, friends, and presents all need to be organised – and a theme is the perfect thing to tie all this together like a neat bow. Here are some fun theme ideas to consider for your little munchkin’s upcoming party.


1. Good vs Evil

Pit the most iconic superheroes against the most treacherous villains at your child’s next party. Will Ant-Man face off against Cat-Woman? Or will Thor take down the Winter Soldier? Anything is possible at a ‘Good vs Evil’ party. If you’re concerned about things getting violent between the kids, consider nominating the adult supervisors as the villains and convince the children to team up together. Many costume stores like Disguises offer a wide range of children’s and adult outfits, so you can dress the part too. Don’t forget to fit out your birthday boy or girl’s secret lair with superhero-themed decorations and snacks!

2. Cartoonified

Children that don’t love cartoons are few and far between. Capture this love of animation in your kid’s next themed party. Everything from the cake to the balloons should feature cartoon characters and settings. All varieties of animation from Pixar to Pokémon are fair play – so seeing Ariel the Little Mermaid side by side with a Despicable Me minion shouldn’t catch anyone by surprise!

3. Out of This World

An enduringly popular franchise, Star Wars is. Thanks to the original movies and the more recent TV series (as well as countless videogames, books, games and figurines), any generation present at your child’s party is bound to enjoy a Star Wars theme. Stock up on toy lightsabres (or make your own) and prepare for intergalactic fun. Dad can be Han Solo, mum can be Princess Leia, and the birthday boy or girl can be any Jedi warrior that they choose! Even the family pet can get involved in the festivities with a Yoda dog costume. May the force be with you and your guests!

4. Witchcraft and Wizardry

Turn your house into Hogwarts for the day with a Harry Potter-themed party. You’ll need robes, wands, a fantastic feast, and plenty of HP decorations to create a magical atmosphere for your child and their friends. Just don’t unlock the chamber of secrets during the party – you want to electrify your guests, not petrify them.

Choosing the perfect party theme is a great way to add a consistent sense of fun and fantasy to your kid’s next birthday party. Make sure you don’t make the decision alone though; let them have a say to ensure they love it as much as they should!

Learning to Save in One Fun Box

Toys are more than just fun playthings that kids can enjoy. They can also be learning instruments for some of the most practical things in life. Role playing toys like a kitchen set or handyman kit can introduce kids to daily household tasks while complex toys like chess and board games can pave the way to social interactions and strategic thinking. One of the most practical lessons that parents can impart to their kids is savings. And when a simple coin bank isn’t enough to entice your little ones, then you can pack a little action in with an Itazura Coin Stealing Panda Piggy Bank.

piggy bank
Forget about the plain old coin bank or piggy bank with a slot for your coins. The Itazura Coin Stealing Panda Piggy Bank adds fun and mystery to your coin saving activity. It appears to be a simple box for a panda toy with a white plate on top. The white plate serves as a coin slot that triggers the box to open when a coin is placed in it. The panda then peeks and gets the coin from the slot. Once the money is taken the lid will close again making it appear like an ordinary box. All the missing coins will be stored in the box until you are ready to take them out. A slot at the back of the box can be opened so you can get the panda’s loot and count your savings. Watching the panda’s realistic movements as it takes the coin can motivate kids to keep putting coins in the slot and add more money to their savings.

The Itazura Coin Stealing Piggy Bank is just one of the modern action toys that kids can use for fun and learning. Saving on your piggy bank is not just a routine task anymore. It becomes a lively and entertaining past time for kids who want to learn how to save. Parents who want to find tools for fun and interactive learning can search for action toys here.

The “coin stealing” part can be a concern for parents who would like to teach kids about positive values. But this can be addressed by taking a different approach in explaining the concept to young kids. The panda can be the shy coin guardian that keeps himself hidden until the coins are placed in the slot for his protection.

5 Fun Outdoor Activities for the Kids

So you want to spend more time in the great outdoors with the kids, but you’re not sure how to get them interested? There’s a stack of great things you can do around your home or in your area that don’t involve a great deal of expense, can be done in spare time, and are a stack of fun for you and the kids. So what outdoors things can you do with the kids that don’t require a huge amount of input for a huge amount of enjoyment? Check out the ideas below.

1. Get Them into the Backyard

playing in the backyard
When was the last time you really had fun with the kids on the grass? A good game of football, playing catch, or just lying on the ground, making shapes out of the clouds? It’s probably been too long, but it’s probably not just because you’re short on time. One of the main reasons people don’t play on the grass is because their grass is terrible – it’s full of weeds, the ground is uneven, or the coverage is patchy. If you’re avoiding your grass because it’s uncomfortable, chat to a turfing expert, such as Hancey’s Turf, or visit this website to see how installing some turf can transform your backyard into a fun and family-friendly area again.

2. Family Vegetable Patch

How delicious are fresh vegetables? Tomatoes that don’t taste like cardboard? Lettuce that doesn’t smell like a freezer? Herbs that jump off the plate with flavour? Kids love getting their hands dirty, and what better way to get them dirty than to introduce them to their own vegetable garden? It’s fun. It’s educational. It teaches them about the food cycle – what could be better?

3. Fresh Eggs, Anyone?

Fresh eggs every morning? Yes please! Chickens teach children patience and respect for animals, and can also help them develop the friendly and caring aspects of their personalities. You’ll be amazed at how inexpensive a chicken coop is and be blown away at just how delicious fresh eggs are.

4. Smell the Roses…

small-83026_640 copy
…or the sunflowers, the petunias, or the marigold. Kids just love watching flowers grow from seedlings into bunches of colourful goodness. Getting outdoors with your kids around their very own flower bed is such a great way to spend a lazy hour, plus, you’ve got fresh flowers for a bouquet every week – everyone wins!

5. Get to the Beach

So you’ve got no garden to visit? Do what any self-respecting parent would do and get to the beach! Do you remember those lazy summer days at the beach? Mornings in the waves, enjoying lunch over piping hot fish and chips, afternoons building the best sandcastles ever and early evening cool downs? Everyone loves the beach – what are you waiting for? Grab the body boards, the buckets and sunscreen and get to the beach!

What outdoor activities do you enjoy outdoors with your children? Are you a garden person, enjoy a good hike in the mountains or a play at a local park? Maybe you’ve already involved your kids in a backyard project? Share what you do with your kids outdoors in the comments below.