5 Gift Ideas For a Vegan Friend

Finding gifts for a friend is not always easy, especially if you have a certain budget, but it can be even trickier if your friend is vegan. The most common gifts for adults are electronics (expensive), food & liquors (not always vegan) and jewellery (can be non-vegan due to materials like pearls, silk, leather, ivory, bone, shell, coral…) So, what to offer to your vegan friend?

Here are 5 great gifts ideas that will make your vegan friend/family happy.

Electronics: cooking tools

Everybody cooks, but vegan people usually cook more. A great kitchen is always full of different cooking tools! Does your vegan friend talk with you about a specific cooking tool but can’t afford it? Here is a great gift. If you can’t afford it either, a lot of great alternatives that will do the exact same thing exist.

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Foods and liquors: vegan versions of their favourite non-vegan foods

Sometimes, it is really difficult to find a vegan version of our favourite food. Sometimes it is only available in other countries or you have to make it yourself. If one of your friend is missing some specific food, a great gift would be the vegan version of this dish. They can be bought and imported from another country in specialized online stores, for example you can find vegan candies from all over the world that aren’t usually vegan like gummy bears and “milk” chocolate candies.

Clothes: T-shirts with cool vegan slogans

Everybody likes clothes and, except if you pick the wrong size, this gift won’t be a miss. Regardless of the reason for being vegan, wearing a t-shirt with a vegan slogan is a great act of activism and will help engage a conversation that will maybe make other people go vegan. Most people like to wear their opinions and ideas on themselves so a vegan slogan on a t-shirt is a great gift idea. You can get amazing vegan related clothes from Printo – Australian leading T-shirt store.

shirts for vegan friendVegan t-shirts on printo.com.au

Accessories: jewellery, vegan leather bags and wallets

Vegan jewelleries aren’t difficult to find as non-vegan jewelleries are consider as luxury products so are quite expensive. Brands like Humane Home, Love is Mighty or Vaute are not only 100% vegan but are only ethical brands. For bags it is usually the other way around, it is pretty difficult to find high-quality bags without leather. But fortunately, more and more brands are using vegan leather to create clutches, briefcases, wallet, backpacks… Brands like Denise Roobol, Doshi, Gunas, Katherena, Melie Bianco or Miomojo offer different types of bags and other products made from multiples materials including vegan leather at different prizes.

Beauty: makeup and skincare products from vegan brands

A lot of famous makeup and toiletries brands aren’t vegan as they test on animals and can even contain animal products. But more and more brands appear every day to offer vegan and high-quality products. For example, many LUSH products are vegan, and Kat von D Beauty and Urban Decay are two of the most famous vegan makeup brands and aren’t really expensive.

How to Make Your Father’s Day Gifts Extra Special

There was a time when celebrating Father’s Day wasn’t met with much enthusiasm. Perhaps because being sentimental or showing emotion was then considered as unmanly. But still, it didn’t stop people from honoring their dads and celebrating fatherhood. It is now one of the most popular holidays in countries across the globe. This year Father’s Day falls on June 17 which means there’s enough time to find Father’s Day Gifts for your Dad. Not just that, you can also make your gifts extra special this year by keeping these things in mind. Here are some great ideas from Gifts Less Ordinary.

The thought always counts

In fact it counts a lot! It’s hard to go wrong when you have a person’s joy in mind while choosing a present. Think about things that your dad would need or appreciate these days. It can be little things that make him smile like a bespoke keychain or a framed family photo. You may also want to choose something that would reflect the sentiments of the occasion. That is to honor fathers and celebrate their roles in the family. Not to worry though because there are lots of great ideas for Father’s Day Gifts out there. You can easily find a well thought of gift even if there’s little time on your hands.

Think out of the box

Not all gifts come in packages or wrappings. Sometimes doing something nice is better than handing someone a present. Time can be a great gift too especially for elderly fathers. For some dads, kids are the best gifts they have so being around them on Father’s Day is already enough. Spending time to bond with your dad is one of the priceless gifts that you can give on Father’s day. Aside from time, service can also be a great gift. You can let your dad be “king” for the day with the whole family pampering his every whim.

Top it with a message

Men may not be the most sentimental creatures in the planet but dads can be quite sentimental when it comes to their children. Add a heartfelt message to your Father’s Day Gifts to make them more precious to your dad. It doesn’t matter if it’s a long mushy note or a short “Hey Dad, you rock!” Your message will surely be appreciated.

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Customized Gifts for Baby Hampers

Parents-to-be aren’t the only ones excited about a new baby. Close friends and relatives are usually eager to welcome the baby too. After all, babies are so adorable that you just can’t help but pamper them. It’s a good thing that finding gifts for babies is so easy nowadays. The only challenge is how to make your gift stand out in the sea of plushies, onesies, and blankies. If you want your gift to be more special, then you may want to consider some customized gifts for baby hampers.

baby hamper

Personalized Baby Wear

Clothes, blankets, and bath accessories are some of the most practical gifts that you can give on a baby shower. Babies can get really messy and they need to be changed often. As such, one can never go wrong with a healthy supply of clean baby clothes and bath accessories. If the parents are particular with fabrics, then you may want to get some Organic Cotton Baby Wear. Knowing the preference of the parents can help you choose the right customized gifts for baby hampers. Then you can make your gift stand out by personalizing it or having the baby’s name embroidered on the baby clothes.

Character Themed Hampers

Babies look more adorable when they have matching clothes and accessories. You can make this happen by gifting a themed hamper for the baby. The theme may be based on popular cartoon characters of today or classic favorites like Peter Rabbit. Customized gifts for baby hampers may include an assortment of baby wear, bib, mittens, booties, blanket, towels, book, and toys. You may also package your own set of bed and bath hamper with baby wash, oils, hoodie towels, and bath toys too.

Personalized Books

Promote learning by getting books and educational toys for your babies. There are cloth books that can be personalized with the baby’s name in the cover. As they learn how to read, they can move on to story books that can be customized featuring the child as the lead character in the story.

Nappy Cakes and Baby Bouquets

Aside from clothes, nappies are baby necessities that parents can’t do without. So if you are looking for a practical gift then nappies and towels are great candidates. There are baby gift shops that can help you package customized gifts for baby hampers. With their help you can make a good impression by sending over some Nappy Cakes and Baby Bouquets to a baby shower. As implied, these are nappies and baby towels packaged like a cake and a floral bouquet especially made for the baby.

Image source: www.mybabygifts.com.au

Five Practical Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s the time of the year again. Almost everyone is busy tussling around trying to choose amazing gifts for their friends and families. Gifts are dazzling way of showing love and appreciation, but finding the best gifts can be stressful sometimes. Don’t fret! A little planning and some ingenuity will help you to come up with great gift ideas. To start with, here is a list of five practical Christmas gift ideas.

Handmade Knits

handmade knits
If you are passionate about knitting or crocheting, why not use your talents to give back? Giving your loved ones something that you have made yourself is always better than something you can buy at the store.

Food Gifts

Delight your family and friends with your homemade goodies. No bake cakes, snacks, pretzels, food gifts in a jar and cookies in boxes are great ideas. Satisfy your friend’s sweet tooth while making their holidays even sweeter.

Health Kit

health kitHealth kits are so practical and beneficial. You never know when it might just come in handy. Although almost everyone might have a medicine kit at home, not everyone has the best medicine. A family health kit from Unilab will make the receiver feel loved. The kit may include multivitamins for the whole family (Neurogen E, Ascorbic Acid Ceelin, Enervon Multivitamins), medicines for minor aches and pains (Alaxan FR capsule, Kremil S, Biogesic) and medicines for minor illnesses (Tuseran Forte, Neozep Forte, Bioflu, Carbocisteine Solmux).


Although books are tricky to gift because reading preferences differ, books make great gifts. It can provide hours of amazement, surprise and revelation for book lovers and it may encourage those who doesn’t read often a brand new or rediscovered reading habit.


Air purifying houseplants are unique and thoughtful gifts that will last for a long time. You can attach a nice card with your plant and enclose care instructions. It will definitely plant a lasting smile to your loved ones.

When looking for a gift, get your creative juices flowing and don’t forget that emotional value counts way more than the cost of your gift.

3 Reasons to Seek Advice When Choosing Valentine’s Day Flowers

On Valentine’s Day, men are expected to surprise their sweethearts with memorable gifts or tokens that represent their love. If they choose the wrong gift, the day may become unpleasant for them. Without a doubt, flowers are most popular gifts on this special day. However, not all flowers make the perfect gift. To make sure that you get the right types of Valentine’s Day flowers in Sydney, be sure to hire the services of a professional florist. A florist can help you in the following three ways:

Valentine's Day flowers

1. Create Beautiful Arrangements
By working with a florist, it is easy to create a beautiful arrangement that your partner will love. A florist helps you to come up with a bouquet you never would have thought of by incorporating certain flower colours, styles, and more. Since florists make a career out of creating living works of art, it is best to let them help you create the right gift for your love.

2. The Experts Know What’s Best For You
Just like music and clothes, flower trends also evolve depending on the season, culture, and the person you are buying the flowers for. Before creating a bouquet, your florist takes time to ask you a series of questions about your other half and incorporates that information in the current floral trends. The final masterpiece will definitely surprise your honey.

3. Florists Bring Out the Genius in You
It is a fact that no one is a master of everything. Although you may be good at your job, you are likely to fail in making floral arrangements. To compensate, simply working with a florist will ensure you achieve the best result.

Valentine’s Day should be a time to celebrate, not a time to be worried or stressed about what type of gift you should get for your loved one. By engaging the services of a professional florist like Florist With Flowers, you stand a chance of getting the perfect Valentine’s Day flowers in Sydney. Read more about the http://www.floristwithflowers.com.au/.

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