Retro Look

I received this bunch of roses as birthday gift from my bestfriend Hazel. RJ love them so much. She hugged and kissed them as if the bouquet is meant for her.

Bouquet of Roses

Then she asked for the ribbon. I thought she will use it to tie something but instead she used it as headband. Lol! So the stage Mom dabbed a little orange eyeshadow on her eyelids and asked her to pose. Voila! Retro look…

Retro Look

The Marvels of Medical Scrubs

I accompanied RJ to her pediatrician last week due to her sore eyes. She was not in the mood because she was so irritated by the burning and scratchy sensation in her eyes but her face lit up upon seeing the nurses in their scrubs with cartoon characters. The sight somehow eased her discomfort. It was great to see her smiling even when she’s irritable. That’s the marvel of these stylish medical scrubs. Unlike during the time when I still had my duties in the hospital, the uniforms were so plain so to speak making the ambiance dreary.

Medical scrubs are now worn in different medical facilities worldwide. And if you are looking for one, there is a full selection of Cherokee scrubs to choose from that come in variety of styles and designs. With these fashionable scrubs, you can still look and feel your best while working. You can attend to your patients, run to errands and perform your other duties while being comfortable at the same time. Now that there are also Maternity scrubs available, you can enjoy the comfort of these medical scrubs even if you are pregnant. Maternity scrubs from Cherokee are in flattering styles and available in range of sizes so you can choose the size that fits you best.

Nowadays, I also see people who are not in medical field yet they are wearing medical scrubs because of the comfort it brings. Why not? The material is very lightweight and easy to wash. Plus at the end of the day, all you have to do is change to your regular clothes, place your scrubs in the laundry bin and go home without worrying of the germs and bacteria that you could possibly pass on to your loved ones.

Unique Gift

Hunting a unique gift for a special person is hard. You always exert effort on that. You always want to please and give your loved ones special gifts. What painful is when your gift goes unused. I know and I can relate to this because it happened to me once. I gave something to a special friend and it hurt me when she gave it to somebody else. From then on I make sure to give special persons in my life special gifts. Something that is may be not expensive but is very unique.


So I want to share with you one gift that your loved ones will surely love, custom t-shirt. Why? Most people prefer to wear t-shirt. In fact, it can be worn on almost all occasions. It has universal qualities and comfort that make it ideal and if you have it customized it will surely create a lasting memory. This gift goes for everyone, kids, middle aged or oldies.

You can choose different designs showing a persons attitude. Death by t-shirts with slogans or jokes are good gifts. Or, if your special someone loves sports, then you can give them sports t-shirts. You can pattern it or choose design about the sport the person loves the most, be it court sports, water sports, winter, racing, martial arts, etc. Hubby loves basketball so this one is perfect for him.

Believe me, it can enhance the relationship between you and the receiver. They will remember you every time they have to wear the t-shirt.


Shopping for Your Kids

It can be expensive to raise your kids, feed them, clothe them and buy all the things they need, but it is fun and fulfilling too, seeing your children well provided for. When shopping for your kids, there are things to consider like their comfort and safety. As parents, we do our best to choose the safest products for our kids. Clothing should be free from PVC, or Gore-Tex and other Teflon chemicals while toys should be free from Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, Cadmium, PVC, and Bromine. But how do we know which products are safe? If you will dig deeper on the web, you will find specialty stores that offer shoppers varied selections of safe stuffs for children from toys to clothing.

Loulou’s Corner is offering all the name brands that meet the ASTM and EN71 testing standards like Jelly Cat, Barefoot Dreams and Appaman. Jellycat are stuffed toys from England. They never fail to please with their line of ultra-soft plush companions. Jellycat’s stuffed animals have maximum cuddle potential. They also have line of baby soft books, made to engage, entertain, and educate, all at the same time. Each soft book has textured pages and vivid pictures. It will encourage imagination and fun as well as promoting life skills necessary for your baby’s development.

Barefoot Dreams features a line of luxurious blankets and throws for infants, toddlers and of course adults too. It is everyone’s favorite lounge wear because of its softness and coziness. Year after year, your Barefoot Dreams product will only soften. It is washable and dryable, and they do not stretch or pill.

Appaman is a popular line of vintage number t-shirts, polo, and plus minus shirts. It is adding fun pieces and exploring new line everyday.

Babies and Toddlers are crucial time in development of their senses. At Loulou’s Corner you will find all the good things which can improve your lovely babies and toddlers development such as educational toys and comfortable clothes for every season. They put together top brands from a wide range of manufacturers to make it easier for you to find what suits your needs.