California Maki

It’s been a month since I last joined Food Trip Friday. Now that it’s New Year, I do not want to be like mushroom, popping in and out of the blogosphere, anymore. I will make a list of all the weekly memes and try my very best to join every week.
For this week’s Food Trip Friday, I want to share with you a recipe of California Maki. It is my first to make Japanese dish and we all loved it.
Ingredients for Sushi Rice:
2c Japanese rice
½ c rice vinegar/ vinegar
2 t salt
¼ c sugar
Ingredients for Maki:
2 pcs ripe mangoes, sliced (about 1/4×1/4 inch thick)
luncheon meat (sliced about 1/4×1/4 inch thick)
6 pcs crabsticks
6 nori sheets
mayonnaise (optional)
Bamboo mat
Procedure for Sushi Rice:
Wash the Japanese then cook in 2 ¼ cups of water. Bring to a boil then lower the heat. Let it cook until the water evaporates.
While the rice is cooking, place the vinegar, salt and sugar in a saucepan. Let it boil while stirring constantlyuntil the salt and sugar dissolve. Set aside to cool. Pour in the vinegar mixture then toss and stir the rice.
Procedure for Maki:
Heat each nori sheet for few seconds on a non-stick pan then lay it on the bamboo mat. Spread the rice on the nori sheet about 1“ thick (make sure to leave 1” on the top side of nori). Lay the crabstick, mango, luncheon meat then squeeze some mayonnaise. Roll the mat until it forms a log. Make sure that you do not squeeze the rice roll too much because it may cause the ingredients to slide out of the roll. Remove the Maki from the bamboo mat and sliced it thinly about 1 inch thick using a sharp knife. Serve with soy sauce, wasabi and lime juice.
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