Cadbury Roses

We received a package from my aunt with this Cadbury Roses. Cadbury Roses is a selection of individually wrapped miniature chocolates, made by Cadbury UK. The can contains 10 different varieties of chocolate:


•Brazilian Darkness – Red wrapper with gold twists.
•Cadbury Dairy Milk – Purple Dairy Milk wrapper.
•Caramel – Blue wrapped.
•Caramel Velvet – Green foil wrapped.
•Country Fudge – Log shaped gold wrapper.
•Caramel Keg – Half-Barrel shaped, gold wrapper.
•Hazel in Caramel – Purple wrapper
•Hazel Whirl – Purple wrapper with orange twists.
•Strawberry Dream – Pink foil wrapped.
•Tangy Orange Creme – Square shaped, wrapped in orange foil.

We are still on a diet but who can resists temptations like this?

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