Bye Bye to Burglary

We cannot go on out of town vacations without asking my father or father-in-law to look after our house while we are away. Our doors are secured with double locks and we have big padlock for the gate but we cannot leave the house as is with all those burglary and crimes in the news. We are living on a peaceful neighborhood but we do not want to be so sure that is why my husband wants to improve our home security systems.
My husband installed an alarm on our gate years back. It was battery operated which was too motion sensitive and sad to say it did not last long. So now he wants a wireless security camera that will work out best for our home. Yes, it must be wireless because the hates anything that is hardwired. There are many wireless security home cameras in the market but not all have signal that is strong enough to work through various walls and other obstructions. Different cameras have different features and we need to look for the weather proof and durable one before we can finally say “bye bye” burglary.
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  1. Yes, we must protect our homes with adequate home security system like closed circuit TV. You can never know when burglars are going to victimize your home. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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