Business Phone Systems for Better Customer Relations

Have you experienced calling a company but instead of being entertained immediately, it’s either no one was answering or you were put on hold for a long time? Well, it happened to me yesterday. I called my daughter’s school to ask if their journal is available yet but I was put on hold until I heard the busy tone. I dialed again, was put on hold and I heard the busy tone again. It pissed me off because my time was wasted dialing and waiting. It is a big school, catering students from pre-school to college and yet they are still using a conventional digital phone. It’s about time for the school admin to have business phone system installed in the school.

Business phone systemshave an auto-attendant responsible for receiving, transferring and relaying communication services thus customers can be easily transferred between locations. It is very helpful in connecting departments and it is the easiest way for the customer to reach certain office or business. It may be a little cozy than the conventional digital phone but it can boost customer relations which is very important for every business.

I think I need to open up this topic with the school admin on our next parents and teachers interaction (PTI).


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