Bonding Activities Your Teenagers Will Love

Teenagers can be a bit sensitive when the topic is about their age. They no longer wanted to be treated like children and want to be seen as grown-ups. So perhaps it is high time that you treat them like responsible young adults as they tend to shy away from activities that make them feel like kids. Some games and activities such as children’s parties, going to the zoo and playing super hero may be fun for them last year, but they can start making them self-conscious now. And if you insist on having kiddie activities with them, you might find yourself unintentionally pushed away. Teenagers fear being ridiculed by their friends for doing something childish.


For you and your tweens to spend time together, you need to adjust your idea of having a good time and treat them more maturely. Suggest bonding ideas that they won’t be embarrassed about such as travelling, food tripping, watch blockbuster movies together and others. After school or over the weekend, you can take your kid over the latest pancake or donut joint and then take the opportunity to ask what they have been up to lately. You may also try watching the newest movies and they sure won’t feel any insecure when they’re so engrossed on what’s playing on the screen. While you’re at it, stop yourself from being too affectionate so they won’t shy away and will want to spend more time with you.

Teenagers love to explore and learn new things the cool way. Even if it’s not vacation time, you can take your kids away for a weekend and head somewhere you haven’t been to before. Turn family trips into an adventure worthy of Tomb Raider movies and your young adults will surely love the activity. Just avoid taking too much family pictures so your kids won’t be embarrassed to upload them online. To keep them grounded and if they’re so inclined, you can teach them new skills such as cooking or how check the car. This way they feel that they are trusted, responsible and grown up. Another is participating in volunteer works and fun runs that donate to charity. Doing something for a cause is a great bonding activity that will not only teach your kids to care about others but will also make them proud to be part of.

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