Best Car Entertainment Systems for Kids

If you’re planning a road trip with the whole family these holidays, there’s one question you’ll be dreading already… “Are we there yet?” Fear not, with the advancements of in-car entertainment systems, the kids will be occupied from when you first leave home to when you pull in at your destination. Here are a couple of the best ways to keep the kids happy throughout your whole road trip.

car entertainment system for kids

Futuris Fully Integrated Car Entertainment System

This tidy package is a fully integrated system which supports multiple formats including MP3, CD, DVD, VCD and external drive video games. Seamlessly utilising your cars sound system, the system employs advanced anti-shock buffer memory and tri-audio technology which ensures top quality sound no matter how tough the trip.

With safety in mind, the system has no protruding or removable parts. It can be fitted in either factory or after-market headrests, and has a remote and wireless headphones. Futuris claim that this is the safest design on the market, and it meets all Australian seat safety standards with ease.

7 inch full adjustable screens and 480 x 234 pixel resolution ensure a clear and vibrant picture every time. The system has a wireless Infra-Red transmitter, 3.5mm auxiliary input jack and a 3.5mm wired headphone jack. There is also the option to have a dual unit, which offers the ability to watch two different movies at the same time as well as the seeing the same movie across both screens if preferred.

Visualogic RoadTrip Universal Dual Headrest DVD System

The Visualogic system similar to the Futuris in that it features two screens within the headrest for the backseat passengers. This is where the similarity ends though, as the RoadTrip system is a far simpler version.

This system is completely independent from the rest of the car audio, and can even be installed in cars without an FM radio. It is easy to install, and be done at home without professional assistance. The 7 inch screen come already mounted, all you have to do is replace your factory headrests with the Visualogic ones. It has a DVD drive and an SD card, as well as an FM transmitter and AV outputs. It comes with wireless headphones and a remote.

While this system is a lot simpler than the Futuris, the video quality is not as clear, and it is not as versatile. The RoadTrip is a great budget option for those who want a simple system to both install and operate.

Alpine PKG-RSE2 Overhead DVD Player

Rather than separate screens within the headrests, some people prefer the sleek look of a drop down DVD player, like the Alpine system featured here. The stunningly crisp 10.2 inch widescreen display ensures startling picture clarity, and has a high brightness function for improved daylight viewing.

A key feature of this Alpine system is the ability to choose to use your complete car stereo for the sound, or alternatively send it through the wireless headphones. This allows your kids to be listening to their favourite movie while you relax up front to your favourite driving music. The remote that is included with the system will also give you control over almost any other Alpine audio device in your car.

A handy pause/play button is placed near the driver, so at any time you can ensure that you have your passenger’s full attention! The Alpine system also includes a video game console connector for when the kids have gone through the family movie collection.

There are car entertainment systems that are great for every family, and every budget. If you’re looking to upgrade your family car, it can pay to look for models which already have these systems installed. Sites such as Cars4Sale Australia  have detailed listings which will allow you to see exactly what’s included in terms of audio and visual entertainment. Whether it’s an interstate adventure or simply a trip to the shops, you won’t regret investing in a great in car entertainment system!

Written by Alex K.

Alex is a motor enthusiast. He has recently bought a Skyline GTT. Alex loves cruising on the seaside roads in the weekend near his home in Noosa, Queensland.

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