Benefits of Cuddling

Rhonnel, RJ and I cuddle most of the time. It is part of our everyday routine just like saying “I love you’s” and kissing. Just like last night when RJ went to sleep early, hubby and I stayed in our bed, cuddling and caressing, stroking each others hair, touching each others face, and rubbing each others back. This is while we were reminiscing are first date and everything. It didn’t lead to something more intimate and it felt pretty good. It relaxes us both emotionally and physically.

Recent studies show that couples indulge in non-sexual physical affection like cuddling regularly and spontaneously have lower level of personal stress and have stronger relationship. When you are happy and relaxed, your relationship is going to have a much smoother sailing.

When the couple cuddles they feel closer and more intimate. This is what the scientists refer to as “pair bonding”. The hormone responsible for this is the oxytocin which is released in your brain during cuddling and is sometimes called as “cuddling hormone”. It is released along with a host of other feel-good hormones that will leave you feeling happy and less stressed. That is exactly what we feel every time we cuddle.

Of course cuddling is not just a couple’s thing. It can build chemistry with your friends, relatives and most especially your children. Showing affection with your kids like hugs, kisses and cuddles, can boost kids’ mood, confidence and health. This is so true with RJ. Our kisses and cuddles are like chocolates that boost RJ’s energy and like medicine that give her strength when she is sick. Cuddling is my ritual with her while hearing about her day in school.

Though cuddling is almost everyone’s thing, there are persons who are not used to it or like to do it but are having second thoughts. May be this is because of the environment where they grew up, their culture or they are just ashamed to do it. To those people, this is how to cuddle (source)…

• Stroke the hair
• Kiss the forehead
• Touch the face
• Gently run your hands up and down the arms
• Intertwine your fingers
• Rub the back gently
• Make eye contact

Cuddling has so many benefits so don’t be afraid to do it especially with your family.Your home must have an endless supply of kisses, cuddles and affection just like ours.

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  1. Thanks for all these information Rossel, may mga tao nga yatang di talaga cuddly, or showy ng kanilang affection, ay ayaw ko naman ng ganon, parang di sweet? Kami ni Rodneykapag may cuddle moments kami, lahat na lang napag uusapan namin, minsna nga nagkakaasaran pa gawa ng kapag mga exes ang pinag uusapan. Hehehe, but we love to cuddle, it gives us chance to be extra in love with one another.

  2. Very well said,Mommy Rossel!Si hubby ko naman di na pwedeng i-holding hands sa public o di kaya ma-hug palagi kasi palaging may bulilit na nakasingit lol!
    So sweet nyo naman,may pa kandungan pa kayo!! Wala kaming pic na ganyan at kung meron man,I'm sure cya ang naka-kandong sa kin lol!

  3. nakakawala talaga ng stress ang cuddling..thanks for sharing us this info… great photos..great family

  4. wow.. what a very informative post, mommy ross.. naku, that's one thing I;m so happy about.. si hubby kase, he didn't grow into a hugging family.. hindi sila yung touchy.. but he managed to be one in our family.. super sweet and super vocal about his love for us, so siguro nasa sa tao din kung yung nakasanayan parin gagawin nya paglaki or he'll try to change..

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