Beading – Bonding Activity for Moms and Daughters

I love arts and crafts. They are integral part of me since I was born. It’s just sad that I do not have much time doing them now. I used to sketch landscapes (my favorite theme) and I make beaded bracelets and earrings once in a while together with my daughter. Below are just few of the beaded bracelets we made.

Beaded Bracelets

Beading is a good bonding activity for Moms and daughters. It is fun, won’t stretch your pocket strings and most importantly, it will enhance your children’s creativity. All you need are Beads of your choice, elastic strings or fishing line, clasps and scissors.


Procedure in making a simple beaded bracelet:

1. Measure the string just enough to fit your wrist loosely. Leave 1 inch allowance at the beginning and another inch at the end.
2. Make a double knot on one end of the string. This is to secure the beads and prevent them from falling off. If your beads have bigger holes, then extra knots are needed.
3. Pull the string through the hole of your beads until 1 inch is left on the string.
4. Tie one end of the string on the clasp, and another end on the clasp’s partner. Remember that clasp always come in pairs.
5. Cut the excess string. Voila! You now have a beaded bracelet.

I want to make more bracelets and maybe try more complex designs or create new shapes. But then, time is always my problem. I just hope to have much more time in a day to do again the things that I love to do and at the same time enhance my daughter’s creativity.

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  1. I agree! It’s a really good time to bond with our kids! I also bought something for my kids to tinker on now that they are on summer vacation. Not beads but toys to enhance their creativity.

  2. I also agree on this! Creating some crafts along with our kids will let them enhance their creativity. Looking forward to have this kind of bonding once my daughter grow as a toddler.

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