Bangus Tocino

Tocino or tosino is a cured meat product popular in former Spanish colonial possessions, including Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. It is best served with fried rice and fried egg, popularly known in the Philippines as “Tocilog”. It’s every kid’s favorite because of its sweet addictive taste. However, if you are on diet, tocino is not good for you as it is made from “pork belly” (as roughly translated from the Spanish word tocino de pancetta). But if you want to eat tocino yet don’t want to eat pork, I highly recommend this product “Century Tuna Bangus Tocino”.

My husband was the one who discovered this months ago when we went to the supermarket. We bought a pack and tried it. Century Tuna Bangus Tocino is made from deboned bangus (milk fish) meat. Once cooked it taste and look like just the real pork belly tocino. This is a healthy alternative to the cured meat.

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  1. Ay ang sarap!!!! Sana mag export din sila dito, kasi ang meron lang dito eh yung Century Tuna in can. sarap nyang for sure, kasi I love tocino and i love bangus!

  2. meron palang ganyan.and it looks delicious.hope we have that here in my place. i will check the Filipino stores ,they might have it.

  3. Wow.. thanks for sharing.. I hope I can have that here too.. I’ll see that once will go to “Seafoods City” store.. meron na pala ganyan ngayon.. panalo ‘yan sa asawa ko kasi ayaw sa pork eh.. beef okay but pork ayaw.. 😉
    Happy food trip!

    Here’s mine:
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    See yah.. 🙂

  4. Wow, mukhang masarap ang pagkaing ito. Ngayon ko lang nadinig ang ulam na ito at hahanapin ko ito sa supermarket. Nakaplastic ba ito o nasa lata katulad nang ibang produkto nang Century? Ang nakikita kong ad sa TV ay Century bangus in cans. Pero mas masarap ito dahil sabi mo nga ay lasang tocino talaga. Thanks for the post and the information. God bless you all always.

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