Bad Habits

New year’s resolution means starting anew. It is peoples’ personal goals, or changes they need or want to make their life better. But more often than not, nothing is fulfilled on this once a year do-or-die; the reason I do not have any new year’s resolution this year (except for working harder). But it does not mean I do not have bad habits to reform or get rid off. I am not perfect after all. I have these two worst habits; the “manyana” or putting things off for tomorrow and the other one is doing many things at a time and ended with nothing accomplished.
Maybe for some people the “manyana” habit does not sound really bad as this is a common habit for most Filipinos but for me, it is really, really bad as there is reason for my “manyana” habit. I used to do things at once but since I started playing Cityville on FB, my life turns up-side-down. I put things aside because of Cityville until the day ended with unwashed dishes or taking a bath at 10pm onwards. There are also times that I sleep at 2am. Rhonnel says he will sue whoever is the founder of Cityville. Lol! As for my multi-tasking without results, well it is my long time habit that is hard to break. I do not know why I always wanted to do so many things at a time with enthusiasm but then before the tasks end, the passion is gone and so more of them are left undone.
I do not want to make any promises but I will do my very best to reform this bad habits of mine. God, help me!


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