Bad Experience in MRT

Hubby seldom rides the MRT. He would rather ride the dilapidated buses plying our area than ride the Metro Rail Transit (MRT). The reason: poor crowd control. He had a bad experience when he chose to take the MRT just to be able to make it on an early appointment. It was a Monday morning and Hubby will never forget the scene: mixture of crowd of people (office employees, students, construction workers) all rushing to board the trains without regard to others’ safety, age or gender. There was shoving, shouting and cussing and the funny things is, the security guards manning the stations can not do anything about it. They are only concerned on the arrival/departure of the trains and they blow their whistle when you step on the yellow tiles. Also, pickpockets are having a field day on these kind of situations. They can easily blend with the crowd and feast on victims’ gadget, wallets, cellphones and other valuables. I just hope that MRT management can do something about this. I hope they can make plans on how to control the crowd (e.g. “keep right rule on the train entrance/exit”) not only during rush hours but all throughout the day so that it will be a pleasant experience whenever you ride the MRT.

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