Back to School

Back to school! RJ is now a fourth grader. I went with her to school on the first day of classes as I still have some things to tackle in school. She was so excited and I saw how happy she was to see her friends and how eager she was to meet her new classmates.

When I was about to go home, I was calling her but she can’t hear me. She was so engrossed chitchatting with her friends. It seemed like she needed hearing aid with powerful hearing aid batteries for her to hear me and respond at once. I can’t blame her though. She must have missed her friends so much because she hasn’t seen anyone of them last summer vacation. Look at her smile…priceless!

Back to School again
It’s another year of journey for RJ and I am confident that it will be smooth sailing throughout. She is in star section again and included in the Proficiency Enhancement Program (PEP) in English, Mathematics and Science. It’s a privilege to be included in PEP class as advance lessons and extra activities will be given.

Back to School

Our unica hija is back to school and we are happy that she always makes us proud.

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  1. Yes, you have all the reasons in the world to be proud of her. Maganda na, napakatalino pa. Siyempre, saan pa ba magmamana kundi sa ina. Ops sumusobra yatang tangos nang ilong mo, hehehe. Pagingatan mo lang siya sa pakikinig sa ear phone. Yun madalas ang cause nang hearing deficiencies nang kabataan ngayon. My the Lord bless your family more. God bless you all always.

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