4 Housewarming Gifts for Newlyweds

newlywedsPhoto by Yomex Owo on Unsplash

The joy and celebration of a new marriage does not end at the reception! Even after the thank you cards are sent out, there are still several more occasions to wish the newlyweds all the happiness in their married life. One such event is the housewarming, which officially signals that a couple’s home is in order and ready to welcome family and friends.

Oftentimes a newly wedded couple has already been living together for some time or has received many niceties from their family members for their future residence. Nowadays, many gifts “for the home” are already given during the bridal shower or other pre-wedding celebrations. In such cases, it is simpler to ask the happy pair if they still need anything new, or to give them a gift of a trip or other experience. However, there are still many couples who are setting up a home for the first time and may celebrate this new landmark with a small housewarming of their own. Read on for four suggestions for a housewarming presents for the newlyweds.

1. A 2-Piece set of wine glasses

What better way to herald more celebrations to come than to give a couple the means to properly toast them? An elegant set of wine glasses or champagne flutes makes a versatile gift for pairs who love to entertain, as well as for those who prefer more private occasions. Make these glasses extra special by having them etched with the couple’s initials, monogram or even their wedding hashtag. For another chic look, try hand painted glasses in rose gold or another metallic tint.

2. A handy toolbox

Home maintenance requires more than the services of a trusty multi-tool and duct tape! A toolbox kitted out with the basic tools such as a set of screwdrivers, a hammer, a wrench, a vise grip, and other necessities is a practical gift for first-time homeowners. For couples with a passion for DIY projects, you can throw in niceties such as power saws, soldering irons, and other tools that fit their particular type of crafting.

3. A stovetop griddle

For couples who are gourmets, gourmands, or who simply want to try the Korean barbecue experience at home, a home version of the stovetop griddle is a great present. These handy implements, usually made of stoneware, are just the right size for fitting atop an electric range or a small tabletop sized gas or propane stove. A griddle is also extremely versatile since it can be used for making hotcakes, okonomiyaki, stir fry, and a variety of other quick dishes. Try to get a model with features such as slits made for easy cleaning.

4. A spa gift set

What to get for that couple that already has everything? Let them take a break from the hustle and bustle of moving and setting up their house by giving them a home spa set. Big chains such as the Body Shop as well as nifty artisanal brands have different spa boxes to suit a whole range of needs and preferences. Oftentimes these stores have “His” and “Hers” products, thus making it truly a couple’s gift. For a truly special present, pick out the products and scents yourself; perhaps the newlyweds prefer patchouli over lavender, or they would appreciate a set of salt scrubs instead of face masks and toners. You can even mix and match spa goodies from all over, or throw in stuff for massages, hair treatments, and other at home niceties. Lastly, wrap up the spa set in a personalized gift box, or a handmade bag that matches the newlyweds’ wedding theme or their home’s color scheme.

These are just a few of the many housewarming presents for a newlywed couple’s home. Other presents can be as simple as a set of scented candles, as practical as gardening tools, or even as zany as a full-sized gaming table. Ultimately, what makes a great housewarming present is the dedication and thoughtfulness put into the gift. We hope these gift ideas will spark your imagination, and help you figure out what present will make the newlyweds in your life feel special and excited about their new home!

Primary School English Essay Writing: How College Success is Reliant on These Skills

primary school essay writingPhoto by Bruce Mars from Pexels

Writing is a way in which people all across the world socialize, inform, entertain as well teach each other using words. Words are very powerful especially in the society that we live in today and whenever one uses them in a systematic way and flow, they are considered to have writing skills. Everyone wants to have good writing skills but that is not always the case because there will be certain people who will be naturally good at writing than others.

This is why we all go to school from an early age. Our parents want us to be able to read and write. Writing skills are learned from an early as primary school and a student can carry these on all the way till college where they become more useful. Primary school writing skills are very important in college for a variety of reasons.

Primary school writing skills help you apply for jobs after college

In today’s world, many jobs require you to have some sort of writing skill to be considered. Take a job working for a digital marketing company for example; if they are looking for a content creator, you need to have very good writing skills to be able to get messages across properly.

Writing skills you learn in primary school become helpful in college because they will help you apply for jobs in not just marketing companies, but IT companies too. All you have to do is polish them up a bit while you are in college and you will make yourself a very attractive employee for potential employers.

You can set up a profile on freelance websites and apply for writing jobs to earn some extra money on the side while you are in college thanks to primary school English writing skills. You can make a name for yourself as a good writer and in the future, you can pursue a career in journalism because of the skills you have learned from primary all the way to college.

These skills help you be creative in college

The brain uses past memories, ups, downs, lessons, incidents, the present and so much more whenever a person is writing something. When you are in primary school your memory will improve and your knowledge will increase which sharpens your creativity.

This is something that you will carry on and not lose even when you start college. Primary school writing skills help you to be creative in college and this puts you in a great position to have a successful career in the future.

They will help you write your college essays

Good essay writing means debating your points very well while presenting facts and figures. These are basic writing skills you pick up when you are in primary school and these are helpful when it is time to produce essays in college. Those early writing skills help you debate your points better in college, get your message across clearer and have a good level of well written English thanks to grammar classes.

Primary school writing skills help you communicate in college

Communication in schools and colleges takes various forms which are verbal, non-verbal as well as written. The writing skills you gain from primary school certain come in handy when you are in college because you will be able to communicate with readers effectively. There will be no communication breakdown at all because you will get into college already knowing how to communicate with readers thanks to the skills you learned in primary.

These writing skills help you to be a good reader

Reading is an art which many people struggle with a lot especially if they didn’t learn how to read in primary school. The writing skills you learn in primary school put you in a position where you do have to struggle reading your essay or assignment questions when you are in college. As you are learning how to write, you are also learning how to read.

The two skills (reading and writing) go hand in hand with each other. Primary school writing massively helps you become a better reader in college and you will not be shy when asked by your tutor to read a passage from a textbook. You will be more than happy to read it out loud in front of the class because you have so much faith in your reading ability thanks to what you learned in primary school.

They help you master the English language before college

If you are taught the English language from a very early age, you begin to grasp the concept of the language and become a master by the time you reach college. This will help you progress through your studies because you will not have to take extra English lessons or classes to brush up on your writing and speaking skills. You will already be a master of the language thanks to what you learned while you were in primary school.

The role that primary school writing skills play when a student reaches college should not be underestimated. They prepare you for what is to especially when it comes to communication, essay writing and looking for a job during and after your college studies. The six points above show just how much college success is reliant on the skills you learn when you are in primary school. English is a language that is spoken a lot across the word and if you are good at it, you will go places and have a very successful career. All in all, a lot of students have no time for writing their school essays. They try to find someone who can help them with their write my English essay requests.

12 Best Garden Decoration Ideas

gardenImage courtesy of Phil-Bird at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

It is said that gardening is the art which uses flowers and plants as the paint, and soil and sky as the canvas. A garden, apparently, is already decorated with the elements of nature; it doesn’t have to limit our imagination. While nature offers us with a gorgeous bounty of greenery and blossoms, how about adding our creative bonus to it as a gift back to the nature. If you’re in, here are some wonderful ideas you can use as inspiration to decorate your garden as well.

1. Tiny Fruit Trees

Dwarf trees are a great idea if you cannot grow a full-fledged fruit tree in your garden or balcony. After all, gorgeous gardens aren’t meant for big bungalows and tall houses, right? Potted and in place, these tiny tots can help you grow a vibrant variety in your open space including lemons, apricots, peaches, plums, oranges, dragon fruits among others.

2. Pocket Metal Planters

Metal pots as well as zinc pockets work well if you want to add plants to a tiny nook or a wall beside your porch, backyard or balcony. Greens and florals bubbling out of these metal pots will allow you to save space while adding the aesthetic feel as well.

3. Troughs & Containers

From metal trays in which you serve wine to your favourite coffee mugs to mason cookie jars; pretty much any container can be used as long as its material is not resistant to water. Another fabulous example is to have fresh flowers springing out of colourful colanders. Beautiful!

4. Succulents Wall

It’s time to bring the walls of your house to life. From flowers to succulent plants, cut-and sew assortments of nature into gorgeous tapestries and display them over one of the walls, or any wall for that matter. Add drama, sprinkle colour, and breathe freshness, and much, much more!

5. Magic Lighting

Turn your garden into a fairy garden space with scintillating setting of light. From basic string lights to contemporary wine bottle tiki torches, there are plenty of options to explore depending on the area of your garden. If you wish to add an element of vintage or rustic look, nothing better than lanterns can be recommended.

6. Hanging Garden

If you can’t maintain a full-fledged garden, a hanging garden offers the perfect solution, both indoors as well as outdoors. Whether you plan to add just one pot or a number of pots, you can suspend them from a point above, in your balcony, kitchen or drawing room. This can be accomplished using anything from ceramic bowls to terracotta earthenware pots.

7. Your Own Mini Garden House

Especially if you have kids in your home, you can create their own itty-bitty garden house which will take but a tiny corner of your living space or backyard. Combined with teeny-weeny accessories like a bird house, colourful rocks & pebbles, mini trees, powdered crayons and soil, you can create a magnificent centrepiece your kids will love, and your guests as well.

8. Pallet Display

Pallet garden is a simple way to introduce greenery in your house while minimizing your time and effort that it takes in building and maintenance. To create a pallet garden, you’d require a wooden pallet, some mini plant pots and plants including flowers of your choice.

9. Backyard Fountain

A water fountain doesn’t just act as the centrepiece of your garden but also as an element of calm and soothing relaxation. Imagine listening to the burbles and the babbles of the water flowing in your backyard, might be your drawing room too in case you plan to install an indoor water fountain.

10. Fullness of Foliage

Foliage to a garden is the ornaments to a person. When dressed properly, your garden can look incredibly gorgeous. Play with colours, contrasts and different kinds of foliage. If you want, you can add pathways of flowers too.

11. Tiny Pond

Just like the water fountain, a tiny pond in the centre of the gardenplace can instill a sense of charm and holistic beauty to your garden. Fill it with colourful pebbles, rocks or stones if you like.

12. Mirror Wall

After all, a mirror wall is not just meant for your powder room. If you have a considerably spaced garden, you can put a mirror or two on one side of the yard while they reflect the plants on the other side!

5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Summer

summer homePhoto by Mark McCammon from Pexels

Feeling the heat? Summer is just around the corner. While you certainly have a lot of plans to go on trips to different places with your family, we hope you have made necessary plans for your home as well. Nothing is hotter than the stress you get from malfunctioning equipment or repairs needed for any parts of your home which could have made your summer lighter and comfortable. Well if you haven’t made arrangements yet, then you certainly need to read these five tips we have especially made for you.

Watch out on the fire

Summer is notorious to make things hot even hotter. With the rising atmospheric temperature, any overheat equipment or plugged appliances and devices can ignite fire anytime. Make sure that your sockets are updated and that your circuit breaker is working to avoid housefire causing you too much grief and financial stress over the summers.

If you are leaving the house, make sure that everything is unplugged. If there are appliances or devices that cannot be powered off, make sure that necessary arrangements are made. Consult the Bureau of Fire and Protection for any tips that might work.

Do spot checking

One major cause of fire is outdated appliances. As much as we want to save in our spending, our family’s safety is way more important. It is a good practice to inspect the condition of your appliances. They have their own wear and tear. It would be a good thing to have their manufacturing information. If it is not available just based your projection on the date you bought it. After which consider disposing appliances which are past their expected using capacity. Anything beyond that is already harmful. It has a higher tendency of not just malfunctioning but encountering short circuits which you wouldn’t want. One last thing, you can opt to sell these equipment and appliances to junk shops so also earn from it.

It is time for maintenance

You wouldn’t wish to encounter AC problems in the middle of the Summer, right? Go and have these checked already. If they are working then look at the filter and other parts which you can clean so once Summer really kicks in, your AC is up and ready to keep everything cool down. You might also want to check on your fans as they can serve as your go-to in case of emergency. Also, though it is a bit advanced, you might have your roof and other parts of the house checked. Summer is usually followed by storms. They aren’t just normal storms in fact! Getting things prepared at an early date will reduce your stress level in the future.

Stockpile on your essentials

Summer is accompanied by many sale bazaars. Each mall has its own summer special for different needs and appliances. You don’t have to binge buy but you might want to consider piling up your drawers with all the essentials you would need. It will serve you well in a lot of ways. One would be unplanned summer trips with the family or friend and two it will be your stock for the rainy season. Nothing beats a prepared one. Aside from you are always on the go, you are actually saving a lot by grabbing on those promos. So be mindful of those promos!

Change those sheets!

Adapt an outdoor feel to your home. Summer is a time for going to places, mimicking that feel to your home creates a feeling of comfortability and lightness. Making your home more inviting and pleasant. Also, the atmospheric condition is extremely hot. Especially here in the Philippines where we usually experience El Nino. You wouldn’t have dark hues as the shade of your throw pillow or curtain. It will only amplify the heat and make your home feel tight. So, stick with lighter tones or even use the colors of Summer.

Summer is all about having fun. Creating a home that exudes that vibes will not only improve the relationship of your family but everyone’s daily mood as well under the scorching summer heat.

Practical Uses of Oak Barrels

Using oak barrels to ferment and store wine is a century old tradition. Oak was chosen over other wood products not just because of its durability but also because it improves the taste of wine by making it age slowly and gracefully.

As the years pass by, people learned to use oak barrels in making beautiful furniture and decorations in and around the house. Old barrels are being cleaned, sanded and varnished to make it look new but people who loves vintage use old oak barrels as it is. Below are charming and nostalgic barrel decorations.

oak barrels as seats
barrel chairs (picture from the web)
oak barrel display
barrel wall decoration (picture from the web)
oak barrel fountain
barrel fountain (picture from the web)
oak barrels
barrel bar tables (picture from the web)

There are endless possibilities of using barrels as decorations. Even the individual panels can be made into swing, trays, shelves, etc. All you need to have are creativity and resourcefulness.

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