Practical Uses of Oak Barrels

Using oak barrels to ferment and store wine is a century old tradition. Oak was chosen over other wood products not just because of its durability but also because it improves the taste of wine by making it age slowly and gracefully.

As the years pass by, people learned to use oak barrels in making beautiful furniture and decorations in and around the house. Old barrels are being cleaned, sanded and varnished to make it look new but people who loves vintage use old oak barrels as it is. Below are charming and nostalgic barrel decorations.

barrel chairs (picture from the web)
barrel wall decoration (picture from the web)
barrel fountain (picture from the web)
barrel bar tables (picture from the web)

There are endless possibilities of using barrels as decorations. Even the individual panels can be made into swing, trays, shelves, etc. All you need to have are creativity and resourcefulness.

5 Interior Design Tips for Newlywed Couples

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Building a home is not an easy task. After months of grueling expenses and stress from all the wedding preparations, the last thing you would want is to add to this. But purchasing and designing a home is very crucial for new couples. It is inevitable. It sets the tone of the relationship, it inspires couples to work hard and build a family, and it is the only sanctuary after a toxic, busy, and mentally draining day. It goes without saying then that going back home to a nurturing, comfortable, and enjoyable home is essential. But what does it really take to build a home especially in deciding what to add and not?

Talk things over

Before you even got married, you both know that you have different personalities and preferences. Now that you are married recognizing and respecting this is essential. It goes even in choosing almost everything in your interior. If you are into like colors while the other prefers darker hues, settle with something in middle ground. Either you get a color that is a product of those two or you set areas in your home which has this or that. Same goes with choosing the type of linen or furniture. With this, both of you will be comfortable at the design of your home and a culture of open communication is created.

Be Inspired

Most couples don’t really have anything they want, or they want something but cannot fully articulate what it is they like. Good thing there are a bunch of magazines available about furniture and interior design. What both of you can do is to sit down and leaf through several magazines and put on sticky notes the things both of you like. Afterwards, select which furniture, accessories, décor, or them that works well for both of you and are feasible within the budget that you have.

Save Some Space for later

Your family will eventually get bigger. New bundles of joy will enter you lives and the order you created at home will be challenged. This is the last things you would like to happen. Take this into consideration while planning, designate a room with multi-purpose furniture that can accommodate the waves of toys, clothes and baby stuff. These are normally available at home depots or furniture store. But if you have the budget you can opt to have it customized to your liking fitting the theme of you home and the size available.

The Past is your Future

Your memories spent together are good reminders of what the both of you have been through and the number of quality times you have made. Posting them in the hallway, the living room or at your bedroom will not just bring back memories of laughter and swirl of emotions but it will strengthen the bond the two of you have. It will also be goof way of narrating to your children the places you have been, the things that you did, and other stories that you are fond of making it good bonding ideas with the whole family adding new pictures to display.

Put much attention to your bedroom

The area that exudes passion and sensuality is the most important place at all for a couple. It goes without saying that beds do not just sustain the relationship’s intimacy burning but also creates a safe space for both couples to rest after a grueling day of stress at work or business. A combination of soft mattress and soft color palette will do the trick and if you add ample lighting then it will be as if the two of you are in a vacation every day.

Building a home is not a walk in the park. As with any other familial endeavor, communication and compromise are keys to keep everyone happy and feel included. Most especially at deciding the interior of your home. Differences must be settled and agreed upon to ensure that each has an equal say to what your home will look like.

The Advantages of Concrete Floor Covering Products

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Concrete floors and walkways are normally found in areas that receive a high volume of traffic and are exposed to elements that cause abrasion and wear. While concrete is one of the most durable materials that can be used for flooring, it requires a protective coating. Concrete floor covering products give floors a durable and shiny outer coat; this layer helps protect floors against the chemicals, weather, and bacteria they come in contact with. One of the best and most cost effective coating treatments is epoxy.

What are Epoxy Concrete Coatings?

Epoxy belongs to a group of thermoplastics that contains a curative and resin component. The strength of this polymer comes from the mixing of these two parts. Mixing the curative and resin components in epoxy forms a strong chemical bond. This strong chemical unit then bonds to the floor when epoxy is applied.

The process of applying an epoxy coat to the floor is a meticulous process that requires attention to detail. The surface of the floor must be thoroughly cleaned to provide a suitable substrate and primed with an epoxy primer. Next, the epoxy must be mixed with an electric mixer.

To ensure the maximum effects of an epoxy coat, these steps must be done to a professional standard. If you botch any of the steps involved in epoxy coatings, your floor could end up looking tacky and lack the durable qualities you want. Professional flooring companies can provide a valuable resource in this process.

Advantages of Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings can greatly increase the lifespan of your floors without breaking the bank. These coatings have a multitude of benefits; epoxy is one of the most durable, resistant, and affordable materials on the market.

Epoxy resists essentially everything. The large majority of elements your floors are exposed to are protected by epoxy. These coatings resist chemicals, fluids, and a wide variety of harmful elements that cause floor damage.

The longevity of floors coated with epoxy is hard to beat. When properly installed, epoxy coatings greatly increase the lifespan of floors.

Concrete floors are commonly found in places that are exposed to the elements and receive heavy loads and traffic. The floors of industrial warehouse, garages, and even walkways often use concrete because of its known durability. While concrete alone is a strong material, the floors of these spaces require additional protection against their constant exposure. Epoxy is a great option for giving your floors the longevity and durability they need.

Typical Mistakes in Case Study Writing You Should Avoid

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There is a chance you know how to write a case study, but there is even a bigger chance you are not aware of basic threats and potential pitfalls waiting ahead of you in this process. We have gathered basic mistakes you should avoid when writing a professional case study. You will also find some useful tips on how to organize your case study.

A case is an article that tells a story about a certain achievement or failure in business from “it used to be this way” to “now it is this way.” It has a well-constructed algorithm and is valuable in that it speaks about the real experience of the company. Cases are an important marketing tool, but to make it work, you need to avoid mistakes. In a good case, the reader sees a causal relationship. He easily grasps the problem, gets a complete picture of the tools and how to solve it, as well as the results obtained. If you buy a case study online from professional case study writers, it will look exactly like we’ve described. Let’s take a closer look on how you can achieve a similar result on your own.

What Not to Do

Don’t lose the thread of the story or miss important details for understanding (it may seem to you that everything is clear, but from the side everything looks different). You should not allow for inconsistency in the title and conclusions of the article.

A case is, first of all, information about the achievement of a certain result. In such materials, references to past achievements, qualifications of employees and praise are inappropriate. When you write about your experience, you want to remember the past experience, to delve into the history, but it is better not to do it. You can confuse the reader, and sometimes push away.

Don’t go into details that are not relevant to the current history, or list your regalia and achievements.

The situation described in the case should be relevant to many. The problem is recognizable, but the solution is non-standard.

Don’t write about non-existent problems. List standard ways to solve a problem.

What to Do Instead

Logical Narration

Case is not a work of art. This is a potentially ready-made toolkit for use. Therefore, it is important to clearly describe the sequence of actions. It should be clear what you wanted to do, what you did and why, what results it gave.

Clearly identify the problem, solutions, results. Inside the sections facilitate the structure of lists, subtitles, quotes.

The original problem and its solution

The main advantage of the case, as well as any article – to tell the reader new information. If in your actions or in the results there was nothing original, such material cannot be called qualitative.

Talk about outstanding results and ways to achieve them. List the tips and ways that no one wrote about before. Describe the non-standard solution of standard problems.


The feeling of sincerity in the article create the details. In this case, you tell in detail about how you managed to achieve your goal. Disclose the nuances of the method, tools, mistakes made, results. The more honest the case, the less abstract it is.

Give the names of the services that are used. Identify partners with whom they collaborated. Provide a dynamic intermediate results. Highlight errors and best solutions.

Figures and evidence base

In an ideal case, the numbers also tell a story. They say: we were like this, changed, etc. They fill the storylines and minor offshoots.

Indicate the numbers in the title of the article, compare past and current results in the context of the current task, simplify the perception of numbers in graphs and diagrams.

  • When writing a case-based article
  • Be consistent.
  • Do not be distracted by past experience.
  • Use numbers and graphics.
  • Detail each stage of work.
  • When talking about the results, be honest.

Big companies usually don’t write their case studies themselves, they hire experts, because the same information looks differently when described by an amateur in case study writing and a professional.

The Importance of Understanding Addiction

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Many people fail to realize, that addiction is a real medical condition that millions of people around the country suffer from. The first step to overcoming addiction is admitting that you have a problem and asking for help. Drugs and alcohol result in over 5 million deaths in the United States annually. One common misconception many people have when it comes to overcoming addiction, is they fail to realize that addiction is a disease, which can be just as deadly as cancer. Often times beating addiction, requires professional treatment, in a medical setting. At Harris House St. Louis Treatment Center, they have over 50 years of experience and professionals who understand what our going through, where they’ll not only help you overcome addiction, but also teach you how to manage the depression, anger, and anxiety that many addicts experience while trying to quit. They understand the importance of sobriety and treat over 800 patients each year. Here are the benefits of going to a treatment center.

Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle

Going to a treatment center will not only help you overcome your addictions, but it will also teach you how to embrace a healthier lifestyle. They’ll encourage you to embrace healthier eating habits, and include more physical activity in your life, thus increasing your energy levels, which will allow you to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It’s important to understand that the food you put into your body, will affect you, which is why good nutrition is a vital part of rehabilitation. Most treatment centers have a trained staff, which will help you create a nutrient-rich diet, and workout schedule, which will not only strengthen you mentally but also physically.

Helps Manage your Stress and Anxiety

Treatment centers also have a professional staff that will help you manage your stress and anxiety. Often time’s people will use drugs or alcohol as a means to help them manage their stress and anxiety. In treatment, they’ll teach you ways to help manage your stress, without repeating past negative behaviors, and give you the tools you need to handle life’s day to day stresses.

Teaches you Ways to Cope with Pain

We all suffer some sort of pain in life; rather it is physical, or emotional. Many addicts will use because it’s the only coping mechanism they know. In treatment, they’ll offer therapies that will help teach positive ways to cope with pain and help rejuvenate your mind body and soul. Usually, physical pain is a result of some type of deep-rooted emotional trauma. The best way to cope with pain is by talking, talking is a way for you to free your mind, and let go of any emotional restraints which are hindering your sobriety.

Gives you Time to Reflect

While in treatment, it will also give you time to reflect on your past relationships and decisions, which will help give you clarity and provide you with some sort of closure. Keeping a journal is a great way to document your recovery and rehabilitation, which will help you understand you’re past feelings and behaviors. Many people are better at expressing their written emotions, then expressing them verbally; a journal gives you a way to let out these feelings.

Living in a Substance Free Environment

The greatest benefit of attending treatment is you’ll be immersed in a completely sober environment. One of the reasons many addicts have trouble maintaining their sobriety is because it’s hard for them to escape that negative lifestyle, where drugs and alcohol are always readily available, but treatment will provide you the environment needed to maintain your sobriety, which will also make the chances of you relapsing less likely.

Surrounded by Trained Medical Professionals

It’s important that you understand addiction is a medical condition, which often times will require a medical detox. While in recovery many addicts experience symptoms of withdrawing, which tend to vary depending on the extent of the addiction. Many times these withdrawal systems can have life-threatening complications, especially if a user decides to quit cold turkey. This is usually when a medical detox is needed, where you’ll have a team of trained medical staff there to help ensure your recovery goes safely.


Having a healthy support system is the greatest tool for recovery. While in treatment, you’ll be surrounded by people who are also struggling with addiction, and fully understand your situation. Treatment centers also have a professionally trained staff, which will share their past experiences of addiction with you, and are there to walk you through every step of your recovery.