Factors for Birth Injuries in Children

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No happily expecting mother wants her pregnancy to result in trauma, but childbirth complications are far too common on a global scale. But while many people confuse or combine birth injuries with birth defects, they differ on one major point: birth defects usually occur during gestation while birth injuries are just that… injuries or accidents that occur during or right after delivery. Almost 4 million babies are born in the U.S. every year, and approximately 7 out of 1000 are born with birth injuries. Most of those are completely avoidable with a little extra forethought and planning. But you first need to know the specific factors and causes that lead to these issues.

Infant and Mother Sizes Matter

A mother’s size goes a long way to determining the health and size of her fetus. Premature deliveries can lead to potentially serious injuries such as caput succedaneum where there’s swelling of the head, cuts and fractures on or of the limbs, and oxygen deprivation. However, post-term deliveries can also be high at risk for injuries. Fetal macrosomia is a term used to describe infants weighing over 8 lbs, 13 oz. Complications intensify when the fetus is closer to 10 lbs at birth. A baby of this large size can seriously complicate vaginal birth and lead to birth injuries, require a Caesarean section, or even lead to potentially serious health issues after birth.

Low Oxygen or Oxygen Deprivation

The mother and fetus require proper and continued amounts of oxygen to ensure a safe and successful delivery. Unfortunately, oxygen deprivation is far too common. This can occur for a number of reasons, including trauma in the womb, placenta issues, a prolapsed umbilical cord, preeclampsia, and excessive medication given to the mother. However, Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) is one of the most common types of brain damage that occurs during birth when oxygen deprivation is an issue. Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy occurs in approximately 20 of every 1000 full-term live births and in 60% of premature babies. HIE is also a major cause of cerebral palsy and other irreversible life disabilities.

Delayed or Extended Birth Complications

Labors lasting over 18 hours can be incredibly risky for the infant. The human brain is able to withstand a certain amount of pressure, but 18-hour deliveries are classified as traumatic even if no other issues have arisen. At this point, the infant’s brain can compress making delivery especially difficult. Fetal distress often occurs and the baby’s blood pressure elevates in response. Any number of neurological conditions may result from the trauma, including ADHD, Autism, brain injury, hematoma, or even spina bifida if the baby’s spinal cord is blocked or pinched during delivery. A competent birth injury may need to be contacted at this point.

Medical Malpractice

Not all birth injuries are caused by a traumatic delivery or medical malpractice, but the majority of the obvious ones are. Lacerations, broken bones, bruises, and other actual injuries are quickly noticed and discovered by parents and doctors alike. They also tend to heal quickly. However, some issues may require extended or ongoing treatment while others may show up later and lead to lifelong challenges. Regardless, childbirth complications can extend treatment times and expenses for years to come. If you’re faced with those challenges, contact a birth injury attorney. We can help so you don’t have to face them alone.

5 Surprising Advantages of Breastfeeding a Toddler

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A mother’s breastfeeding journey is never easy, but it is very rewarding there’s no doubt. I breastfed my daughter Daisy and I think I did the right thing. However, extended breastfeeding is controversial, with many mothers feeling it is the right thing to do, although it is often shown in a more negative light in the media. There are helpful tips about parenting and lots of support for mums on forums and other well-established sites that help discuss this controversial topic.

Here, we take a look at five benefits of breastfeeding a toddler, for both mother and child, so you can have a great comeback the next time a nosey stranger tells you your child is too old to still be nursing!

1. Breastfeeding Provides Nutrition

Whether you are feeding a 2 day old baby or a 2 year old toddler, there is no denying that breastfeeding provides valuable nutrition. For toddlers who are fussy with food, breastfeeding is a great way to ensure they are still getting a good level of fat and protein in their diet. Breastmilk provides vitamins A, B12 and C for toddlers too, which they might not get enough of from food alone.

2. Breastfed Children are Healthier

Children who are breastfed have been found to suffer from fewer illnesses, and when they do get ill, they recover quicker than those who are not breastfed. It is particularly useful at protecting against ear infections and upper respiratory infections. Breastmilk contains many antibodies, which continue to offer protection no matter the age of the child.

3. The WHO Recommends Nursing Until at Least Age 2

Whilst many women might feel awkward about breastfeeding their toddler, particularly if their family or friend do/did not, it is actually recommended by the World Health Organization to breastfeed until at least the age of 2 years old. As long as both mother and child are happy to continue nursing, there is no reason to stop too soon. It’s thought that the natural age of weaning from the breast could be up to the age of 5 years old, although it is rare for mothers to continue breastfeeding until this age.

4. Extended Breastfeeding Benefits Mums Too

Breastfeeding has many health benefits for mums as well as for babies and toddlers. Women who are breastfeeding may lose weight more easily, and breastfeeding can also help delay the return of fertility after having a baby. It can also help reduce the risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Breastfeeding your toddler might also help you feel closer to them, especially if you have gone back to work, or your child doesn’t yet speak much.

5. Comfort Nursing can Benefit Toddlers

Babies often nurse for comfort or to help drift off to sleep. However, it can be equally beneficial for toddlers – think of it as a way to instantly tame those tantrums! A quick comfort feeding can act as a natural pain reliever after a fall or minor injury. It can also be beneficial for mums to have a quiet sit down with their toddler during or after a busy day. The hormones produced during nursing can also lead to feeling of calmness, or even euphoria.

About Emily Dick the Author

Emily is first and foremost a mother to her daughter Daisy, adoptive mother to her 3 cats and wife to her husband. She it’s a parenting blogger and loves to write on her blog https://whooopsadaisy.com/ which reviews kids’ products, toddler toys and baby items. From newborn items to toys her plans is to take it as far and wide as possible by offering helpful reviews and insight into the world of parenting.



Being a parent for the first time has always been an exciting and admittedly frightening job. You just never know what to do. But the biggest dilemma comes before labor: baby shopping. Ever stopped to stare at a gorgeous bracelet for your baby only to walk past it after looking at the price tag? We understand you. Napkins, bibs, diapers, clothes, strollers, food, the sheer weight of these things can empty your pockets rapidly.

Here are five tips to utilize when shopping for your newborn. Be sure always to pick out your favorites, and never let these tips prevail over what your baby will find comfortable.

Tip #1: Gather Your List

Most new parents don’t know what to buy and not to buy for their newborn. A responsible parent will have a list of every item necessary beforehand. Some handy things to keep in your wishlist include:

  • Clothes: Babies usually require clothes which are light and airy, except in the case of winters, when more comfy and warm clothing would work. Babies grow very fast though, and your newborn clothes won’t last long.
  • Food: Babies need only the best and most nutritious meals. For the first six months, breast milk or store bought milk is all your baby needs to keep his bones and other anatomical systems strong. It is recommended to breastfeed, but milk can also be provided from outside sources.
  • Diapers: Newborns are very messy, and if you’re not ready, you’ll learn that the hard way. Children need a lot of diapers, especially directly after birth. Have at least ten diapers handy on your first day, and keep buying more and more packs over the course of a month.
  • Strollers: Babies require walks down the park just like your local pets. Spending money on a stroller can be smart, but many can be expensive and unaffordable. You also always have the option of a double stroller, which would be great for twins.

Tip #2: Find The Perfect Milk

For the first six months, most experts say that breast milk should be your first option. Breastfeeding is not only healthier and more natural for the baby, but it also costs nothing. Ask your nurse or midwife for nursing tips. Most commonly asked questions would be regarding the frequency of feeding and the amount.

Milk from cows contains high concentrations of lactose, calcium, lipids (fats), vitamins, and multiple minerals. It makes it an excellent option for newborns. If for some reason, breastfeeding is out of bounds, then buy cow’s milk. It is a cheaper option when compared to soy milk. Try your best to buy those on sale, but remember: some things are cheap for a reason.

Tip #3: Consider Your Options For A Stroller

Strollers can be relatively more expensive, and many parents choose to look past them. The cheapest one can cost as little as $60, but the good ones can cost as much as $200. We wouldn’t recommend spending on one if your budget is tight, but if you have to buy strollers which can be doubled as a bed and a baby chair. Most people choose to let their baby eat and sleep on the same tram, but they also must remember to give the baby other surfaces to sleep on too once in a while.

Tip #4: Don’t Hire A Baby Nanny

If you feel like you cannot look after the baby yourself, then it would be best to hire a nanny. But most nannies nowadays charge an arm and a leg for a simple daycare routine. If you’re tight on the budget, we recommend looking after the baby yourself. Get some help from the nurses and doctors in the hospital. Ask a local mom or a friend how they took care of the baby. You can even call your parents over to give some tips on baby care. If need be, hire a nanny for when you have to go out and cannot take the baby with you.

Tip #5: Start Buying From The Hospital

If you want to cut down on exorbitant retail prices and scams, it would be wiser to buy goods straight from the hospital. Hospitals sometimes can even provide some staple products for free, such as napkins, diapers, sheets, thermometers, disposable pacifiers, and even some rubbing alcohol. Just be sure to never steal for your baby. Even the pharmacy can offer lesser prices, and you can also get some help from the doctors there.


Being a parent scares all of us, but if you see the number of successful parents, you’ll realize that raising a child right is not as hard as it seems. In the end, basic survival is necessary, but watching your child grow into a hero is a parent’s final dream. So hold on to your cash and your diapers, because tonight you’ll be baby shopping!

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5 Gift Ideas For a Vegan Friend

Finding gifts for a friend is not always easy, especially if you have a certain budget, but it can be even trickier if your friend is vegan. The most common gifts for adults are electronics (expensive), food & liquors (not always vegan) and jewellery (can be non-vegan due to materials like pearls, silk, leather, ivory, bone, shell, coral…) So, what to offer to your vegan friend?

Here are 5 great gifts ideas that will make your vegan friend/family happy.

Electronics: cooking tools

Everybody cooks, but vegan people usually cook more. A great kitchen is always full of different cooking tools! Does your vegan friend talk with you about a specific cooking tool but can’t afford it? Here is a great gift. If you can’t afford it either, a lot of great alternatives that will do the exact same thing exist.

blenderBy Allison Marras on Unsplash

Foods and liquors: vegan versions of their favourite non-vegan foods

Sometimes, it is really difficult to find a vegan version of our favourite food. Sometimes it is only available in other countries or you have to make it yourself. If one of your friend is missing some specific food, a great gift would be the vegan version of this dish. They can be bought and imported from another country in specialized online stores, for example you can find vegan candies from all over the world that aren’t usually vegan like gummy bears and “milk” chocolate candies.

Clothes: T-shirts with cool vegan slogans

Everybody likes clothes and, except if you pick the wrong size, this gift won’t be a miss. Regardless of the reason for being vegan, wearing a t-shirt with a vegan slogan is a great act of activism and will help engage a conversation that will maybe make other people go vegan. Most people like to wear their opinions and ideas on themselves so a vegan slogan on a t-shirt is a great gift idea. You can get amazing vegan related clothes from Printo – Australian leading T-shirt store.

shirts for vegan friendVegan t-shirts on printo.com.au

Accessories: jewellery, vegan leather bags and wallets

Vegan jewelleries aren’t difficult to find as non-vegan jewelleries are consider as luxury products so are quite expensive. Brands like Humane Home, Love is Mighty or Vaute are not only 100% vegan but are only ethical brands. For bags it is usually the other way around, it is pretty difficult to find high-quality bags without leather. But fortunately, more and more brands are using vegan leather to create clutches, briefcases, wallet, backpacks… Brands like Denise Roobol, Doshi, Gunas, Katherena, Melie Bianco or Miomojo offer different types of bags and other products made from multiples materials including vegan leather at different prizes.

Beauty: makeup and skincare products from vegan brands

A lot of famous makeup and toiletries brands aren’t vegan as they test on animals and can even contain animal products. But more and more brands appear every day to offer vegan and high-quality products. For example, many LUSH products are vegan, and Kat von D Beauty and Urban Decay are two of the most famous vegan makeup brands and aren’t really expensive.

Ways We Can Be Caught For Speeding

Talk about speeding and this familiar scene will come to mind. A scene of a police patrol car sounding its siren, asking the driver of the car to pull over to the side of road. The driver was then given a speeding ticket. Is this scene familiar to you too? Has anyone of you been like that driver who was asked to pull over and then slapped with a speeding ticket?

Speeding is one of the most common offence committed on the roads, especially on highways or expressways. What are the ways drivers can be caught for speeding?

•Speed cameras that look like CCTV cameras are installed at set intervals to catch drivers for speeding and speeding tickets will be issued and sent to the registered address.

•Mobile speed cameras are vehicles or special vans that sometimes parked besides the road with a camera pointing out of the back window

•Radar and laser guns are used by roadside police officers. These are hand-held speed guns will be pointed at oncoming cars and they are able to give an instant speed reading.

•Police cars or bikes – Police officers spotting a speeding car might follow the car, and using an in-car camera system are able to record the speed of the car. If the driver exceeded the speed limit, the driver will be asked to pull over

If a driver is caught speeding, a speeding ticket will be issued and sent to the car registered address. The owner of the car has a given period to pay up the fine or to challenge it in court.

Motorists can challenge the fines when:

•The camera misread the number plate
•The car was stolen
•The fined driver proved that he or she wasn’t driving at the time.

If you are not prepared to pay the fine and want to fight it, you can get a friend to recommend a California traffic lawyer known for his defence strategies and tactics to help you get your case dismissed. He knows when your rights have been violated. He knows the ins and outs of how the speed of the vehicles is measured whether the police used the radar, laser, or pace clock.

A speeding ticket lawyer has experience with all kinds of speeding offences and knows first-hand how courtrooms work to fight your ticket. He has the resources to help you and also the best one to go to for the best legal advice.