Another Journey

It’s RJ’s first day as 3rd grader. Her classes starts at 12:00 noon but she was so excited that she woke up at 5:30 this morning and took a bath at 9:00 a.m. Yes, that’s how excited she was.

I accompanied her to school just to be sure that everything is fine, from the room to the teachers.  She kept on teasing and asking me why do I need to go with her to school. Seems like our girl is not happy anymore being accompanied by her Mom. Waaah!

When she saw her old friends, her face lit up. She was very happy to see them. Those smiles made my day. Endless chatting and laughing. They missed each other so much. I wonder how their teacher is going to tame them today. Good luck to her.

Jhanelle and RJ

RJ is second from the left.

She gained a lot of weight these past two months and we had no choice but to buy her new uniforms and shoes. She’s growing up so fast. One foot more and she’ll be as tall as me. I always hug and kiss her but I miss those days that I can still carry her.

3rd grade is another journey for RJ. I know she can make it with flying colors and as always we will be behind her to support her all the way.

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