An Extra Ordinary Woman

It was breaktime. The girl in her old uniform excitedly went out the school compound and was looking for someone. Her face lit up upon seeing the woman hiding behind the tree, covering her face with a veil. They hugged tightly and kissed each other for a while. They must have missed each other so much. Then the woman asked, “How are you and your siblings?” “Has anyone got sick lately? I am always thinking of you. Here is your allowance. Buy something for your siblings. Don’t worry, we will be together again someday…all of us. Please do not tell your father that you are seeing me.” The poor girl hugged the woman again while crying. The woman wiped her tears and kissed her then bade goodbye. The girl was watching the woman while she was walking away. She didn’t know when she will see the woman, her mother, again. She wanted to go with her but she can’t. Her siblings need her.

That’s the story of my Nanay’s childhood. Their parents got separated. Their father left them for another woman and their Mother went away to look for a job. They were left in the care of their Aunts and Uncles in their father side. An 8-month old baby girl, the youngest among her siblings, was left with her. She became a sister and mother at the same time at an early age. Mom is the second among 9 children but their eldest got married early so all the responsibilities were passed on to her. Unlike other children, Mom didn’t enjoy her childhood but she didn’t mind at all.

Until now her story makes me cry. I do not want my post to be mellow-dramatic but I can’t help it. That is how I see Nanay…a woman who will put her loved ones’ needs above her own. Her love is instinctual and unconditional. Even now that we have our own lives and families, she’s very supportive and always there to lend her hand. She’s just a call away whenever we need her and we don’t need to ask her twice for a favor. She loves taking care of her grandchildren and playing with them…a great spoiler for that matter.

Nanay with Tatay and grandchildren…still pretty at 62.

Nanay is a good listener too. She’s very open-minded so we can share with her anything and everything…problems with partners, kids, money, sex, etc. I remember when we were still teenagers she watched R-rated film with me and my sister. She said that sooner or later we will be curious about those things so it’s better to watch it first with her than with our friends who cannot give us good points of views about sex and sexuality. That is the reason why me and my siblings all got married on our late twenties…we are well-guided with Nanay. She has all the answers to our questions that satisfy our curiosities. And oh, she gave me 2 beautiful T-backs as gifts before I get married. Nanay is so cool!!!

Yes, all mothers brought children to this world but not all accepted the responsibilities that came along with it. All mothers provide their children with love and care but not all are willing to give up their career, their pleasures and full time. But Nanay is different. She gave her whole life to all of us…to her siblings, to her children and now to her grandchildren. That’s the best thing I learned from her…the same thing I will do for my family. Nanay is indeed an extra ordinary woman.

Hats off to you, NANAY! We love you very much!!!

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  1. Because of your extra ordinary Nanay, you become who you are and her guidance led you to be the great mother you are and will be for RJ. I am so happy for you. My mother might be great in her own way, but we weren’t as close as you and your mom. Happy Mother’s Day to you and to your Nanay..

  2. Your mom’s story is very touching and I envy you too because you can share everything and anything with her. Happu Mother’s Day to your Nanay and you too. 🙂

  3. A very touching story dear. Your mom is an example of unconditional love. 🙂 She’s really cool and is ready to give up anything for her family. Advanced happy mother’s day. 🙂

  4. what a real tearjerker. you are so blessed to have her for a mom 🙂

    Visiting you thru the Bloggers Exchange Program, enjoy your weekend!
    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

  5. hi, it’s been a while… sorry! Good luck with the contest. This entry is sure a win. You’ve written it so well with sincerity. Advance happy Mother’s day to your mom and to you and to every moms in the world 🙂

  6. Lahat talaga ng ina gagawin ang lahat para sa pamilya.. Ganyan din si mama. 🙂

    you can view my entry here:

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