Academic Plagiarism

plagiarismMany cases of plagiarism are accidental. Most people know that stealing a quote word-for-word from another author is wrong. In many cases, however, people are not aware that stealing ideas and research is equivalent to the same thing. Plagiarism is the theft of anyone’s work, in any way, without giving clear credit. Often this is caused by a missing citation or by paraphrasing without acknowledgment of the original author.

But not all plagiarism is accidental. Plagiarism has become more prominent in recent years, party due to the advent of the Internet. More information and essay examples are available than ever before and 54% of students have admitted to plagiarizing from the Internet for various reasons. In any case, though, plagiarism is a serious offence that is both illegal and unethical. The consequences of plagiarism can be severe, with expulsion, failure, probation, and loss of credibility as several examples. Use the plagiarism checker on Domypapers to check your essay and safe the writing.

For many people, they want to create quality essays, research papers, or even assignments that are clear of plagiarism. They may consider choosing a writing service in order to help meet their writing needs. Students have many assignments, often due at the same time, and might need assistance putting all their work together in a final written product. But, of course, they want a writing service that is good, affordable, and will not give them further problems with plagiarism.

One way to find quality writing service sites is to visit sites that offer academic writing services. These sites review various essay services and rank them in comparison to other available writing service sites. There is even an academic writing service that has existed since 1997. All papers for this company are thoroughly researched and each essay is customized for the individual customer. Each essay is unique, not gross-manufactured, which is another important detail in ordering a quality paper that will not be found reproduced in other locations.

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