A Sincere Sorry is Always Enough

Saying our sorry is a way of admitting our mistakes. It is also a good start of smoothing things over if there is a misunderstanding between you and your partner. I do not understand why it is hard for other people to say their sorry. Well not for me and hubby. We both know how to admit mistakes and say our sorry promptly. And we both believe that if we really mean it, we have to say it face to face and not through letters or anything unless one of us is away. We also show our sincerity through actions. If I promised not to do again the thing that pissed him off, then I will not do that ever again, and vice versa.

I do not know if this is just easy for me to say because we haven’t had any major, major mistakes and misunderstandings yet so we haven’t experienced to bribe one another for our apologies to be accepted. While others need to do different creative ways to apologize like giving jewelries, flowers or writing poems, for us a sincere sorry is always enough for forgiveness.

Oftentimes a person fails to apologize not because he do not want to, but because he is just not used to saying it or he do not know that he hurt his partner’s feelings. I think all of us should be sensitive enough and pay attention to the feelings of those around us especially our partners. If you are not used to say sorry, it is just easy. Just be brave and responsible enough to admit your mistakes then say your sorry sincerely. Sometimes saying “I am SORRY” is all that it needs for a reconciliation.

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  1. Tumpak ka dyan Mommy Rossel, may mga ibang tao kasing, parang di sanay mag sorry, although they are at fault. Di ko rin hobby ang mag sorry, pero kung ako ang me kasalanan, mag so sorry talaga ako, lalo ke Rodney. It doesn't happen all the time na we had to say sorry to each other, but once it's done, whatever reason were sorry about will not happen again.

    Yung My Home, Kitchen and Garden ko, luma na yun, Dati mga recipes lang ang entries dun, ngayon ginawa ko ng all around, hehehe..

  2. Your "major, major mistakes" remind me of the answer that Venus Raj was given during the Q&A; portion hehehe. Korek ka dyan tokaya, may mga tao kasing super anf pride so it is very hard for them to say sorry.

  3. super baet mong wife teh! 🙂 ako kasi dati i wont say sorry kay husband.. so kahit ako ang may fault ako pa sinusuyo lol

    pero hindi na ngaun 😀 meyo mabaet n daw ako lol

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