A Movie to Watch with Friends

There are movies that you would enjoy more if you will watch them with friends. Just the meet up itself is exciting yet, then grabbing a few snacks like popcorn and soda or eating on your favorite food chain or resto after. It is fun to laugh or giggle with them and chitchat about the movie after watching it as if you haven’t watched it together. What could be better movies to watch with your friends than the romantic ones? Nothing I think.

The latest movie that I would recommend to watch with your friends is “In Your Eyes”, a romantic drama under Viva Films and GMA Films directed by Mac Alejandre, top billed with Claudine Baretto (Ciara), Anne Curtis (Julia) and Richard Gutierrez (Storm). In Your Eyes is about two women who share the same dream and the desire to be loved until a storm tears them apart.Will you sacrifice your happiness when your own happiness already found another joy? Will you still fight even if the leaves of your heart wither from pain and sorrow? Will you surrender your felicity for the sake of replenishing your sister’s own happiness?

Intriguing huh? So go get your friends together, grab a few snacks, and be the firsts to watch it on August 18.

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  1. Hehehe, sorry wala ako sa PInas pero baka kahit nasa PI ako di ko din yan panonoorin hehehe! Magiging hit na naman yan movie na yan, ganda ang story!

  2. oo nga Sis, very intriguing.. hahaha… ganda ng trailer nito noh!!! surely I will watch this.. kaso mukhang hindi kasama ang friends.. hahaha baka kasama ko si jowa!!nyahahahaha

    Happy Girls Talk

  3. Ang ganda ng conflict sa story, pero nakakainis naman yung trailer na pinakita sa TV – parang binigay na rin nila yung buong kwento. 🙂 I am sure my mom would watch this with her girlfriends.

    My GT post is up HERE.

  4. Ang bilis naman diyan ipalabas ang sineng ito. Ang alam ko ay ipalalabas pa lang dito ang In Your Eyes. Matagal na akong di pa nakakapanuod nang sine. Ang huling sineng napanuod ko ay Ang Darling Kong Aswang. Sana mapanuod ko din ito. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  5. you're right. it's not really the movie that makes the activity more fun. it's the bonding with friends that makes it more special 🙂

    thanks for sharing your movie thoughts! see ya tomorrow 😉

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