A Movie for My Enemy

I am thinking of who my enemies are so I can choose the right movie for them and I am glad that there is no one I could think of. But if ever I have, I want to watch this movie with him.

“Behind Enemy Lines” is one of my husband’s favorite movies. The movie is about a navigator who is shot down over enemy territory and is ruthlessly pursued by a secret police enforcer and the opposing troops.Why did I choose this movie? It is because I want to tell my enemies, “Do not go beyond your territory, or else I will shoot you”…ehehe. I am a good person but I am always telling my husband that if anyone touches my family, I will show no mercy. I do not know yet what I am capable to do but all I am sure of is I will ruthlessly pursue him and there will be no room for forgiveness.

I know I am just saying that. I am human and humans always have those soft spots in their hearts.

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  1. I love this movie! Very action-packed! I wish that nowadays they would make movies like this because it seems that movies now are not this good.

  2. Tumpak na tumpak ang movie sa theme ah, hehehe. ganon yata talaga Rossel, kapag pamilya natin ang tinalampak, makakabaril tayo noh??

  3. ito dapat gagawing kong entry, kaso nagbago isip ko, hehe… i really love Owen Wilson here, napanood ko na several times at di ako nagsasawa. Super ganda ng Movie na to.

  4. Ewan ko ba pag pamilya na talaga ang kinanti ng kung sinumang kaaway eh tlga nmang makakapatay ka…cguro ganun tlga…sabi nga apihin na tau wag lang mga mahal natin sa buhay…

    I've watched this movie and i love it..

  5. I haven't watch the movie but the way you say your opinion makes me think that this is a nice movie..=)..and i like the way you stand up for your family..=)

  6. nakalimutan ko na kng napanood ko na to 😀 i guess ineed to download this to watch again 🙂 mukang nice eh

    at nkkatkot to cross your line girl! hihih

  7. "Do not go beyond your territory, or else I will shoot you". panalo! haha! in fairness, i watched this with paulie a while back and i must say, this is really a great movie 🙂

  8. We should protect our family at all cost but to take revenge should not be considered because God said, "vengeance is mine." If anybody hurt me or my family, I just turn it over to God and pray for divine justice and God does exact justice for my cause. I will see the movie too for whatever its worth. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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