A Handful of Courage

Mother’s day is coming up and I can see the sadness in hubby’s eyes. It is the first Mother’s Day that my Mom-in-law won’t be around so it might not be as easy to think about things we can do to celebrate Mother’s day.  It’s been three  months since Mama left us and hubby’s still coping. Though he is smiling, I know there’s this emptiness inside him.

When Mama was admitted to the hospital because of cerebrovascular accident, hubby  took  5 days leave from work (his first time that long) to take good care of Mama. Mama is paralized and asleep most of the time but still hubby was trying his best to make Mama laugh. Every time hubby hears the nurses pushing the med carts, he would say, “Ma, your pretty nannies are here again. I can see that they are taking good care of you.  I suddenly wanted to be confined”.  It is one of hubby’s favorite things to do…to make people laugh.

 December 2011…Mama’s last Christmas

Mama’s gone and hubby is still coping. Somehow,  as the day passes by, the hole in hubby’s heart gets deeper yet he manages to smile and give jokes that could burst us to laughter, like smiling would take all the sadness and pain . He needs to do that for my father-in-law. Hubby may not fix the grief but his humor fills up the emptiness and shields my father-in-law from sadness.  I know it takes a handful of courage for a person to be able to do that…to show the people that he is okay yet he is not. For that, I love him more.

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  1. It only shows that your husband was brought up well by your mother in law . It may hurt for a while but she is now in a much better place and the best way to honor her is to be a good husband and a dad as well. But I guess, he knows that already.


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