A Gift to My Bestfriend 20 Years Ago

I have posted already on Topics on Earth about my bestfriend Hazel, my buddy and classmate from elementary to high school. We went separate ways during college days as she studied in Manila and I was left in the province but we had our bonding every summer and went out once in a while when I lived in Manila for my internship.
When Hazel posted this picture on Facebook, I really did not know what to say. I was so overwhelmed. Why? Well, this little heart-shaped pillow was my valentine’s gift to her 20 years ago and she is still keeping it until now in her room in Batangas. Honestly, I forgot about this pillow. It was only when I saw it again that I remembered everything. My mom has these scrap of cloths and I used them to make this pillow with my own hands. I sewed it by hands and bought fabric paint for Hazel’s name and those little flowers. Hazel said she still has the other red pillow that I gave her and she is keeping it in their house in Laguna. I cannot recall what pillow that is but I am sure when I see that one I will remember too.

Sad to say I was not able to keep any souvenir from Hazel as we were NPA then (No Permanent Address) and used to move a lot. Every time we moved to another place, some things were left behind including those Hazel’s gifts. I am sorry, Bes. It does not mean that I love you less. You know how much I care and that I will always be here for you.

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  1. keeping a gift for 20 years–that is so sweet! you have a treasure in Hazel. and this labor of love is definitely worth it.

    thanks for visiting my nostalgia post. when i run out of native coffee to brew, i buy from Cafe Lipa. sarap din.:p

  2. Awww you are really gifted with talents and skills tokaya, I can sew with my hands too but I am not as crafty as you. I used to make our pillow cases through the small pieces that I find at home (ala kasing pambili hahaha).

  3. I will be touched too if I am in your shoes. How blessed you are to have a friend like Hazel.

    I can relate to you in regards to being NPA. My life was like that due to our father's occupation as a soldier.

    When I came here, lots of my personal stuff were left behind and have never been home.

    Lovely nostalgic recount.

    thanks for the visit.

  4. Thanks Bes.

    I am really flattered, you're so sweet. Thanks also to your friends and followers on Blogger. I am just so luck to have you as friend. God bless.

  5. I am so touched upon reading this.
    Hazel treassured the gift you handed her for a span of 20 years like saying you're that precious to her.I envy your relationship as if real friends are hard to find in now a days,kagaya ng sinabi mo sa post ko.
    Thannks for sharing your nostalgic stories to us & for visiting mine as well 🙂

  6. oh my gosh…how nostalgic naman tong entry mo te…oh my….after 20 years buhay na buhay pa yung binigay mo sa kanya….ganon ka siguro ka special sa buhay nya…ehehhee!

    sensya na po te ha at ngayon lang ulit nakadalaw….been pretty busy lately kasi.

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