9 Most Loved Kids Party Songs

To ensure that your kids birthday is an absolute success, spend some time planning the music. It’s an often overlooked aspect of parties until the last minute, and it can be hard to create a great playlist with limited time to spare!

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Here are 9 of the most loved kids party songs that you can use to create a fun and happy atmosphere.

I Like to Move It

This song became a huge hit with kids after it starred prominently in the blockbuster movie Madagascar. Kids simply love to get up and dance to this catchy and energetic tune as sung by King Julian in the film.


The old dance-line pop tune that many parents will have partied to in their youth saw a massive resurgence after it appeared in the popular Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. The movie also included some other classics such as Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Funky Town and Achy Breaky Heart.

Can You Feel the Love Tonight

If you have a little Princess who loves her Disney classics, you’ll simply have to play this beautiful ballad at some time throughout the party. There is also an entire CD released with a range of the most popular songs from films featuring everyone’s favourite Disney Princesses.

Hakuna Matata

Another classic Disney song that still gets the kids up and moving is the iconic Hakuna Matata from the Lion King.

I’m a Believer

This energetic Smash Mouth hit is bound to get the kids grooving, especially amongst the Shrek fans. The track was one of many popular songs to be featured in the hugely successful animated film, including Accidentally in Love, Hallelujah, Dance to the Music and the Latin American tunes of Livin La Vida Loca.

Shake Your Sillies Out

There’s nothing better than watching a group of kids having fun and dancing along to this silly track from some of the best songsters in the child entertainment business, the Wiggles. Let the kids go wild and literally ‘shake their sillies out’ with this fantastic party track.

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

This great little song from highly popular Dora the Explorer will have the little ones dancing and singing along, while following all the actions by heart. Simple yet fun, this is a hot hit with the younger kids.

Under the Sea

Another Disney classic, this beautiful calypso style pop tune comes from The Little Mermaid, and is a wonderful track to play at your kids party. Upbeat and tropical, all the kids will be grooving along in no time.

Elmo’s World

All the Sesame Street fans will be singing along word for word when this cute and fun party song comes on. Sung in Elmo’s distinctive voice, this track is a great addition to any kids party playlist.

Once you’ve got the music planned, don’t forget to leave plenty of time to choose your kids birthday invitation designs. It helps to have a theme for the party in mind before you start planning everything, so that the music, invites and even the food can all be coordinated to match.

Written by Emma Jane

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