5 of the Best Kids’ Stocking Fillers

If your children haven’t been on their best behaviour this year, it might be the case that the only stocking fillers they’ll be receiving is an orange and a lump of coal. However, if your little ones have been good as gold, then you might want to give them a few extra little treats to wake up to this year. If you’re struggling to find affordable little gifts that will put a smile on their faces this Christmas morning, luckily we’ve got a few ideas rolled up our sleeves.

If your little ones have been good as gold, then you might want to give them a few extra little treats to wake up to this year.

Grow Your Own…

Get them looking forward to next season by buying them a ‘grow your own’ kit. This can be anything from vegetables to a tree, or even some sea monkeys if your little ones are particularly impatient; with sea monkeys, at least they won’t have to wait until spring rolls back around before they can get started. If you ask us, a ‘grow your own tree’ kit is probably the nicest idea, as they’ll be able to plant it in the garden and it will grow as they do, providing a lasting legacy of this Christmas.

Wreck This Journal

If your children aren’t so little but they still like to wreak havoc wherever they go, it’s unlikely that they’re into books. However, a Wreck This Journal is different. It instructs you to destroy or scribble all over each page and each has a new destructive challenge. You’ll start by bending the spine and move onto doodles, lists and ripping out pages for future reference. It’s perfect for children who don’t like anything to stay pristine for long.

Sweetie Jar

One thing most kids have in common is a love for junk food. Sweets are likely to be high on their list of favourite treats, so recycling an old Mason jar and filling it with candy is always going to be a hit in their eyes. You could personalise it by putting a sticker with their name on the front, or even painting it. Not only will they enjoy eating all the sweets inside, but they’ll be able to use the jar as a trinket box or a pen holder afterwards.

Hobby-Related Bits & Bobs

Whether it’s new guitar strings, some accessories for their scooter from Skatehut or some new shin-pads for soccer practise, getting them something that’s useful when it comes to their hobbies is always a good option. These are stocking fillers that will never go to waste.

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