5 Gift Ideas For a Vegan Friend

Finding gifts for a friend is not always easy, especially if you have a certain budget, but it can be even trickier if your friend is vegan. The most common gifts for adults are electronics (expensive), food & liquors (not always vegan) and jewellery (can be non-vegan due to materials like pearls, silk, leather, ivory, bone, shell, coral…) So, what to offer to your vegan friend?

Here are 5 great gifts ideas that will make your vegan friend/family happy.

Electronics: cooking tools

Everybody cooks, but vegan people usually cook more. A great kitchen is always full of different cooking tools! Does your vegan friend talk with you about a specific cooking tool but can’t afford it? Here is a great gift. If you can’t afford it either, a lot of great alternatives that will do the exact same thing exist.

blenderBy Allison Marras on Unsplash

Foods and liquors: vegan versions of their favourite non-vegan foods

Sometimes, it is really difficult to find a vegan version of our favourite food. Sometimes it is only available in other countries or you have to make it yourself. If one of your friend is missing some specific food, a great gift would be the vegan version of this dish. They can be bought and imported from another country in specialized online stores, for example you can find vegan candies from all over the world that aren’t usually vegan like gummy bears and “milk” chocolate candies.

Clothes: T-shirts with cool vegan slogans

Everybody likes clothes and, except if you pick the wrong size, this gift won’t be a miss. Regardless of the reason for being vegan, wearing a t-shirt with a vegan slogan is a great act of activism and will help engage a conversation that will maybe make other people go vegan. Most people like to wear their opinions and ideas on themselves so a vegan slogan on a t-shirt is a great gift idea. You can get amazing vegan related clothes from Printo – Australian leading T-shirt store.

shirts for vegan friendVegan t-shirts on printo.com.au

Accessories: jewellery, vegan leather bags and wallets

Vegan jewelleries aren’t difficult to find as non-vegan jewelleries are consider as luxury products so are quite expensive. Brands like Humane Home, Love is Mighty or Vaute are not only 100% vegan but are only ethical brands. For bags it is usually the other way around, it is pretty difficult to find high-quality bags without leather. But fortunately, more and more brands are using vegan leather to create clutches, briefcases, wallet, backpacks… Brands like Denise Roobol, Doshi, Gunas, Katherena, Melie Bianco or Miomojo offer different types of bags and other products made from multiples materials including vegan leather at different prizes.

Beauty: makeup and skincare products from vegan brands

A lot of famous makeup and toiletries brands aren’t vegan as they test on animals and can even contain animal products. But more and more brands appear every day to offer vegan and high-quality products. For example, many LUSH products are vegan, and Kat von D Beauty and Urban Decay are two of the most famous vegan makeup brands and aren’t really expensive.

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