5 Fun Outdoor Activities for the Kids

So you want to spend more time in the great outdoors with the kids, but you’re not sure how to get them interested? There’s a stack of great things you can do around your home or in your area that don’t involve a great deal of expense, can be done in spare time, and are a stack of fun for you and the kids. So what outdoors things can you do with the kids that don’t require a huge amount of input for a huge amount of enjoyment? Check out the ideas below.

1. Get Them into the Backyard

playing in the backyard
When was the last time you really had fun with the kids on the grass? A good game of football, playing catch, or just lying on the ground, making shapes out of the clouds? It’s probably been too long, but it’s probably not just because you’re short on time. One of the main reasons people don’t play on the grass is because their grass is terrible – it’s full of weeds, the ground is uneven, or the coverage is patchy. If you’re avoiding your grass because it’s uncomfortable, chat to a turfing expert, such as Hancey’s Turf, or visit this website to see how installing some turf can transform your backyard into a fun and family-friendly area again.

2. Family Vegetable Patch

How delicious are fresh vegetables? Tomatoes that don’t taste like cardboard? Lettuce that doesn’t smell like a freezer? Herbs that jump off the plate with flavour? Kids love getting their hands dirty, and what better way to get them dirty than to introduce them to their own vegetable garden? It’s fun. It’s educational. It teaches them about the food cycle – what could be better?

3. Fresh Eggs, Anyone?

Fresh eggs every morning? Yes please! Chickens teach children patience and respect for animals, and can also help them develop the friendly and caring aspects of their personalities. You’ll be amazed at how inexpensive a chicken coop is and be blown away at just how delicious fresh eggs are.

4. Smell the Roses…

small-83026_640 copy
…or the sunflowers, the petunias, or the marigold. Kids just love watching flowers grow from seedlings into bunches of colourful goodness. Getting outdoors with your kids around their very own flower bed is such a great way to spend a lazy hour, plus, you’ve got fresh flowers for a bouquet every week – everyone wins!

5. Get to the Beach

So you’ve got no garden to visit? Do what any self-respecting parent would do and get to the beach! Do you remember those lazy summer days at the beach? Mornings in the waves, enjoying lunch over piping hot fish and chips, afternoons building the best sandcastles ever and early evening cool downs? Everyone loves the beach – what are you waiting for? Grab the body boards, the buckets and sunscreen and get to the beach!

What outdoor activities do you enjoy outdoors with your children? Are you a garden person, enjoy a good hike in the mountains or a play at a local park? Maybe you’ve already involved your kids in a backyard project? Share what you do with your kids outdoors in the comments below.

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