5 Fun Family Photo Ideas

When you are a real shutterbug and you cannot stop yourself from whipping out your camera or your phone at family gatherings, you will find that you are going to get quite tired of the same old stand, smile and snap poses! When you want something more interesting for your photos, consider taking a look at some of these fantastic photo ideas. Remember that taking photos allows you to capture an experience, and that this is something that you can remember for years.

fun family photo
Line everyone up, have them turn to
one side and smile at the camera!


There has been a recent trend for adorable family photos that involve stacking the members themselves. Essentially, the largest, tallest member of the photo group lies on their stomach on the ground, and the next largest person lies on top of them. The smallest person climbs on top and stretches out as well. Remember to avoid this for family members who have physical issues like sore backs or sprains. Line everyone up, have them turn to one side and smile at the camera!


This is a perfect opportunity for your family members who are film buffs. Ask them to think about their favourite movie, and then see if you can get a shot of them re-enacting the scene. Maybe they have always been fond of Indiana Jones, or perhaps your grandmother and grandfather want to reenact the last scene for Casablanca. Photos are all about getting people to loosen up and have fun, and this is what this exercise allows them to do.

Time Lapse

This is a photo set that takes literally years of patience, but the end result can be quite interesting. Go through your photos and find some old pictures of your family members when they were much younger. Then see if you can get them to recreate the picture wearing clothes that were really similar to what they were wearing when they were young. This becomes especially hilarious when older people recreate scenes from early childhood.

Hiding Out

This is a fantastic way to incorporate a game of hide and seek with your loved ones. Essentially, you are the one that is it, and when you find them, you can take a picture of them in their hiding place. This forces your loved ones to get creative and to really think about where they are hiding and where they want to be found!


This series of photos can help you get rid of that irritating thing where half of the people in the picture are blinking. Take a moment to pose everyone in a pile and tell them to close their eyes. A group shot of your loved ones napping together can be quite adorable, especially if you mix the children with the adults!

When you want to take a great picture of your family, take a moment to consider what your options might be. Click here for a number of fantastic poses for you to try and laughs to be had. Look for the poses that make you think of your loved ones.

Author Bio: Joanna is a Brisbane resident who is currently studying photography herself, she writes blogs to inspire other beginner photographers.

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  1. My family is a shutterbug! We love posing in crazy unbelievable ways. But theses are quite some tips.

  2. Stacking is my favourite photo type for family. Usually when we take photos to us we like to act crazy :))

  3. Will try out Time Lapse with the folks, the same idea could also work during halloween or family reunions (it’s gonna be a big partee!)

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