5 Celebrity Breasts to Model your Next Pair on

So you decided you want a new pair of breasts, perhaps because you don’t like your own or maybe because you just want the confidence of a new pair. You need an example and if you can look to celebrities for your next outfit and next haircut why not for your new breasts? Take a look at our beautiful top five list for some inspiration before you go looking for how to get what you need done by professionals. A few simple surgeries in Melbourne and you can have the celebrity breasts you’ve admired.

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Heidi Klum

Starting off with a classic, if you are looking at breasts to model your own after you could do a lot worse than Heidi Klum. The classic blond bombshell everyone wants to be or be with and now you can have the same size and shape this beautiful model is packing.

Halle Berry

Did she or didn’t she? The main goal of a breast implant is for them to look real and Halle’s, if she does have them, are real enough that while there are plenty of conspiracy theories around she can go ahead and deny and no one can really be sure. If you’re the same body shape, no one will know for you either.

Nicki Minaj

Go big or go home! Nicki Minaj’s implants may be a little obvious, but they certainly are impressive. Big perky bouncy and beautiful there shouldn’t be any problem watching a girl like that, or like you if you follow her example. Big breasts are good, this is pretty much a societal fact. If that’s what you’re after Nicki is a great role model.


Beyonce has been renowned as a beautiful woman with her breasts idolised and enjoyed by the vast majority of the music video watching race. Imagine walking down the street with that kind of cleavage. You’d never feel bad about wearing a plunging neckline or tight T-shirt again. If you want her confidence, her good looks and not the least her wardrobe, it can be yours.

Christina Aguilera

This is pretty much the exact happy middle of the breast implant world. They’re not too big and not too small. Discrete enough that you can pretend to strangers you had nothing done at all, but noteworthy enough that you won’t walk down the street without getting at least the occasional look. They aren’t anything particularly showy so there’s no risk of being tacky. This is a safe happy choice that will serve anyone well.

Looking like a celebrity is good for your self esteem and most clothes are modelled on who stores really want to fill them. This means you will have the right measurements for your clothes, to look how you really want to look. Cosmetic Surgery for Women is the perfect choice for some, and if you’re going to choose it may as well be from the best.

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