4 Party Themes for Your Child’s Next Party

The excited screaming of kids running past. The colourful rainbow of fancy-dress costumes. The sweet smell of cake that inevitably decorates faces as much as it fills bellies.

There are some things that never change. Parties for young children is one of them.

If, like many people, a fun birthday party (or two) is a cherished childhood memory of yours, no doubt you’re keen to create the same unforgettable atmosphere for your child’s next party. Doing so means food, drinks, decorations, outfits, games, friends, and presents all need to be organised – and a theme is the perfect thing to tie all this together like a neat bow. Here are some fun theme ideas to consider for your little munchkin’s upcoming party.


1. Good vs Evil

Pit the most iconic superheroes against the most treacherous villains at your child’s next party. Will Ant-Man face off against Cat-Woman? Or will Thor take down the Winter Soldier? Anything is possible at a ‘Good vs Evil’ party. If you’re concerned about things getting violent between the kids, consider nominating the adult supervisors as the villains and convince the children to team up together. Many costume stores like Disguises offer a wide range of children’s and adult outfits, so you can dress the part too. Don’t forget to fit out your birthday boy or girl’s secret lair with superhero-themed decorations and snacks!

2. Cartoonified

Children that don’t love cartoons are few and far between. Capture this love of animation in your kid’s next themed party. Everything from the cake to the balloons should feature cartoon characters and settings. All varieties of animation from Pixar to Pokémon are fair play – so seeing Ariel the Little Mermaid side by side with a Despicable Me minion shouldn’t catch anyone by surprise!

3. Out of This World

An enduringly popular franchise, Star Wars is. Thanks to the original movies and the more recent TV series (as well as countless videogames, books, games and figurines), any generation present at your child’s party is bound to enjoy a Star Wars theme. Stock up on toy lightsabres (or make your own) and prepare for intergalactic fun. Dad can be Han Solo, mum can be Princess Leia, and the birthday boy or girl can be any Jedi warrior that they choose! Even the family pet can get involved in the festivities with a Yoda dog costume. May the force be with you and your guests!

4. Witchcraft and Wizardry

Turn your house into Hogwarts for the day with a Harry Potter-themed party. You’ll need robes, wands, a fantastic feast, and plenty of HP decorations to create a magical atmosphere for your child and their friends. Just don’t unlock the chamber of secrets during the party – you want to electrify your guests, not petrify them.

Choosing the perfect party theme is a great way to add a consistent sense of fun and fantasy to your kid’s next birthday party. Make sure you don’t make the decision alone though; let them have a say to ensure they love it as much as they should!

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