Time to Start Your Own Business? 4 Franchise Opportunities for Parents with Young Kids In Australia

When you’re raising a young family, it’s difficult to strike a balance between the long hours required by the sanitised office existence; you either make enough to get by comfortably and rarely see the kids, or earn a meagre sum and enjoy a dynamic home life. Franchises are fast becoming the new business plan for many parents just like you, seeking the money spinning without the familial sacrifice, but with so many franchises available on today’s market, it’s difficult to pick which one suits your lifestyle.

franchise opportunities
Hog’s Breath Café

If keeping it local is important to you, Hoggies (as its casually known) is 100% Australian owned steakhouse chain, delivering meals bubbling with taste and passion, as franchise owners espouse the family friendly atmosphere of relaxed fun surrounded by funky furnishings. Though food service and hospitality is not for everyone, franchisees need to invest in the customer, keeping service excellence at the centre of everything they do. What can you expect? A blistering pace and an extremely interactive environment. This is the perfect business for parents with teenage children.

Civic Video

Ever dreamed of owning your own video store (or is that DVD/Blu-Ray shop now)? In the age of online streaming and rental machines, the video shop still manages to thrive, suggesting that the movies is still an experience to be savoured; this is particularly good news for a supposed dying industry, as people still flock to the bricks and mortar hire outlets to entertain their family (and minimise repeat runs of the latest My Little Pony animated flick). A Civic Video franchise will give you the stability you need, secure a livelihood and create a micro family within your business, as small staff numbers help you to build a lasting rapport.

Ben and Jerry’s

Our first international contender, legitimate Ben and Jerry’s franchise opportunities are growing in metro and surburban areas, as their creamy concoctions hit Australian shores with a vengeance. Imagine growing up in an ice-cream shop, sampling a kaleidoscope of flavours while Mum and Dad work alongside possible new allies… Who wouldn’t want that childhood? Friendly and fun, B and J is the ideal franchise choice for budding business owners looking to make a cost savvy splash. There will ALWAYS be a place for ice-cream.

Kip McGrath

It’s not very often you’ll stumble across a combined business opportunity and the chance to make a difference in somebody’s life. If you love children and communicate well with other parents, an educational option might be just what you’re looking for. No food service here, just the pleasure of shaping future generations to be smart, independent thinkers, helping them overcome the issues they experience in the current primary and secondary systems. Learning is for life.

Franchises are just like any business; you are directly responsible for the outcomes of your staff and daily takings, though you are also supported by a larger structure, with many procedures and training regiments set out. Jump on the franchise bandwagon today and make a change for the better.

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