3 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

The summer heat has struck, as November melts into December and the pavement sticks to your shoes, ever miserable beneath the sun’s belting rays. Staying cool becomes a game of cat and mouse, as you dart from building to building, desperate to find a slip of shade to walk beneath, though there only so many alcoves in the city. Sunscreen becomes a second skin, clinging to your pores in its slimy, slippery glory before sinking in and masking your epidermal layers from a bout of sunshine assaults. So how does one keep their body temperature down somewhere near livable, when every day packs a repetitive sweaty punch, followed by a restless swell of storms? Humans are pretty smart, but staying comfortable in scorching weather is child’s play to an Australian; take these three tips on-board and stay icy cold this season, even if you never leave the house.


The Beach/The River/The Pool

Locality is everything when it comes to choosing a body of water to keep the rays at bay; those lapping up a coastal life are spoiled for choice with some of the world’s best beaches, beautiful long stretches of white sand and blue water, children shrieking at the shoreline; rivers and inland channels are the next best thing, freshwater watering holes are hidden gems, providing a clear and clean water experience, with none of the salty remnants; and pools are absolutely everywhere, as most suburbs boast some sort of swimming team. Whether you plan to swim laps, laze in the sun, bake on the beach or play in a few over-sized puddles, being a water baby is a sure way to keep the sweaty days away.

Air Conditioner Ground Zero, Population: You

Ah, air-con, the wonderful man-made air synthesiser, cooling or heating our unnatural environments with ease and efficiency. If you’re not lucky enough to live in a house kitted out for an LG Air Conditioner, don’t worry, the multitude of shopping centres, cinemas and arcades provider a climate controlled environment at the touch of a button and a couple of steps in the front door. For those who enjoy the sleek few days spread eagled in front of their own unit, congratulations, everybody is jealous of you standing as an aircon owner. This means you don’t need to travel out of your way to escape the heat, hell, you’re probably less inclined to cross the threshold to the outside world right now, ordering your groceries delivered and entertainment through NetFlix.

Wearing as Little as Possible

If you’re lacking an aircon unit and rely on a pedestal fan, it is still possible to retain the cool edge of the wedge, by stripping down to your bathers and shorts, throwing a cotton rug over the couch and sucking on ice-cubes to regulate your heat responses. Probably not the most tempting plan in the world, but it worked for your parents before the advent of the multi-cycle conditioner, so there has to be some wisdom to it. We don’t recommend however, leaving the house without a shirt on, you never know who may be watching and back sunburn is fun for absolutely no one!

How do you plan to keep cool this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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