3 Ways to Ensure Your Child’s Childcare is Hygienic

Many working parents choose or need to leave their children in childcare centres for all or part of each week and with this comes a significant amount of trust. Parents trust that their child or children will be well cared for and a vital aspect of quality care is a clean and hygienic environment.

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With so many children using the space and resources of a childcare centre, it is little surprise that germs are easily spread and infection is easily transferred. While it is often difficult for the owners, directors and staff of child care centres to completely prevent the spread of illness, there are definite ways to promote cleanliness and excellent hygiene in these environments. If you are a parent, here are three things to look for and discuss with the staff of your child’s centre.

#1: Professional Cleaning

There is a limit to the amount and degree of cleaning that staff can achieve in their working day. After all, their first priority should always be the safety and quality care of your child and others at the centre. However, the cleaning still needs to get done. This is why all childcare centres should invest in professional cleaning services provided by a credible, experienced company such as AMC Cleaning.

Professional cleaners can focus wholly and solely on cleaning, ensuring that all surfaces and areas are clean, sanitised, disinfected and hygienic. Of course, children touch these surfaces and use toys and resources that may be cleaned by professionals, so the cleaning products used should be non-toxic and safe for everyone.

#2: Illness Policies

Any childcare professional will tell you that it really is important that ill children are kept at home. Unfortunately, many parents still bring sick children to childcare and, unsurprisingly, this only promotes the spread of germs and illness.

It can be inconvenient and difficult to stay at home with your child if they are ill, particularly if you work for a demanding organisation with little sympathy for parents with young children. But if you want your child’s exposure to infection and illness to be as minimal as possible, it’s important to also play a part and keep your child away from day care when they are unwell. Ensure that you only return them when they have fully recovered or are non-contagious.

#3: Hygiene and Health Education

Your child will be exposed to a range of play, learning and socialisation opportunities at childcare. Of course, the experiences and learning that children have should be age appropriate, but there are many things that can be done to help children learn about hand washing and drying, personal hygiene and dental care, and keeping their play and rest areas clean. Does your childcare centre promote the development of healthy habits in your child?

Many childcare centres work industriously to provide a clean and hygienic environment for the children in their care. When you entrust your child to a childcare centre, it’s important to observe and understand the practices and approaches taken to promote a clean, hygienic environment for all children, staff and families.

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