Bridging Generation Gap

♫♪♫  So get out, get out, get out of my head
And fall into my arms instead
I don’t, I don’t, don’t know what it is
But I need that one thing  ♪♫♪

Yes, it’s a song from One Direction…the song that I hear everyday. One Direction is a British-Iris boy band that I didn’t know exists if not for RJ. This boy band is RJ’s favorite. I don’t like them but I can nearly memorize their best-known songs because RJ is playing them everyday, over and over.

I suddenly saw my self to RJ. I was madly, deeply in-love with Menudo, the Puerto Rican boy band in the 80’s. I don’t like one direction  (may be because of my age) but I am curious if RJ would like Menudo so I showed her this video…


RJ said Menudo is very unfashionable. What else would I expect? The video was shot in the 80’s…acid washed jeans, shoulder pads, teased hair, etc.

RJ and I have a very big generation gap but it is not a big problem for us because we understand each other. I am trying to be flexible and let her enjoy the present generation while guiding her.

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  1. on the contrary my two sons appreciate old music and new ones at the same time, i am not so familiar with the new songs however just like you, i try to appreciate and understand why they like a certain song/music which i find not good hehe

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