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Crisp Ham and Cheddar Rolls

Using a small rolling pin, flatten out white bread. Combine 2 slices of white bread then top with a slice of ham and a slice of cheddar cheese. Roll the sandwich together until it holds in shape then chill for at least 30 minutes in the freezer. Do the same for the 3 sandwiches. Heat up oil for deep frying. Roll sandwiches in egg then coat with Japanese breadcrumbs. Fry sandwich rolls until golden brown. Slice it then serve hot.

*For those who love vegetables, you can put asparagus or celery stalk in the center of the sandwich.

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  1. My kids loves this one!!Ours is some kind of a curry filling and cheese,masarap yan!^_^

    Thanks for dropping by,Mommy Rossel!!Absent muna ako sa ere uli–medyo mahaba ang holiday dito,uwi muna kami sa bukid para magtanim ng palay lol!!See u again!!^_^

  2. wow sarap naman nito te…may natira paba jan? ehhehhee!

    mine is up as well..nasa kusina ko nga lang….:)

    salamat pala sa dalaw te ha…sensya na ngayon lang naka dalaw..super busy kasi sa skul….:)

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