About Me

Hi. My family and friends call me Rossel. I like it better than my real name. You may contact me at rosseldacio@gmail.com.

I am married to a wonderful man we call Dash, who got his nickname from his surname. He never fails to make me laugh. His great sense of humor is his powerful weapon in his seduction arsenal and I think that is what made his way to my heart. 🙂

I am Mom to RJ…our pretty smart girl who looks exactly like her Dad. She got nothing from me but I love everything about her. It is really rewarding to know that I make her laugh and smile. The joys and love that I never thought existed are now filling my heart because of her.

How I came up with Mom’s Ups and Downs?

Just like anything else on earth, being a Mom is not always smooth sailing. We also have challenges especially in these difficult economic times. There are times that it’s hard to make ends meet but beyond it is the satisfaction we feel each day knowing that we have made the right decisions for our family and accomplished all the things that needs to be done.

Here in Mom’s Ups and Downs, I want to share all my ups and downs not just as a mom but also as a homemaker and everything in between…how I run the household and manage our finances…how I constantly strive not just to give my child a better future but most importantly to be a better person for my child.

What are Mom’s Ups and Downs main topics?

Family Adventures
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