Pure ‘N Fresh Cologne: My Daughter’s Everyday Companion

After their final exams, RJ went home in her PE shirt with messages and signatures all over. She was teary-eyed while reading the messages…”I will miss you”, “Stay pretty”, “Don’t change”, “I love you”. She said six years is over…six years of fun, laughter and friendship.

farewell shirt
RJ is friendly and compassionate that is why she has many friends. I know she will miss everything, her teachers, classmate, friends and her crush. I remember there was this boy who always says that RJ smells good. Kids! They will say whatever they want. Thanks to Pure ‘N Fresh Cologne for being my daughter’s everyday companion. It is what keeps her fresh all day long despite of her hectic schedule this month; completing the projects and requirements for graduation, reviewing for the finals and preparing for their graduation.

Pure ‘N Fresh Cologne is a product of Unilab. It is available in three fruity scents but the Blush Berry is RJ’s most favorite. Check on Pure ‘N Fresh here and like their FB page https://www.facebook.com/purenfreshforteens for more updates.

Pure 'N Fresh cologne
Time flies really fast. I can’t believe that it’s been six years since RJ first set foot on big school. I told her that it is not over yet. She’ll miss her grade school environment for sure but she also needs to embrace the new changes in her life. She’ll face new challenges. She’ll get to know new teachers and new classmates. She’ll gain new friends, experiences and a new level of freedom. High school life may seem daunting but it is also the most exciting. I know that with RJ’s positive attitude and confidence there’s nothing she can’t handle.


Everyday Savings Build Up to Bigger Savings

Every cent matters for moms on a budget. No matter what the state of the economy is, there is always a need for parents to save up for the future. This sounds like a grand plan that requires wads of bills rather than jingling coins. What many do not understand is that successful saving is accomplished by setting money aside regularly no matter how little. In time, you will find that you would have accumulated a large amount. Whether you are planning on saving for your child’s college education or simply building a fund for emergencies, it would not hurt to try and save up on your everyday expenses.

bigger savings

You might think that saving is difficult especially if you have kids. Oh, kids can really be expensive. They grow out of their clothes really quick, making it necessary for you to go out shopping again within months. Don’t throw in the towel just yet and settle for not being able to save up. There are plenty of deals that you can take advantage of. Don’t shrug off the dollars and cents – they can add up to hundreds and thousands of dollars over time.

For starters, you can look for coupons. Discounts on these coupons can vary in amount. Check in from time to time to see what’s new. You can also see if you can find a free overstock promo code for items that you need to buy. You can as well save time and money shopping for all your needs in one place.

Remember, though, that having coupons is never an excuse to shop – you do not have to buy something just because it’s at a discount. List down what you need and then look for discount coupons online. Or, you can also find out what coupons are available and then keep them just in case you need them for your future purchases.

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Perfect Flowers to Celebrate an Occasion

There are many occasions in life that warrant the act of gift giving; there are the obvious ones like anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. But there are also those occasions that are particular to a certain type of relationship; this could include Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, an occasion of celebration such as a promotion, graduation or a new job.

Obviously a gift depends on the relationship between the giver and the receiver and the type of occasion but if you are looking for something particularly special for the lady in your life you may want to take a look at the list of florists in your area.

The list offered surpasses the simple gift of flower giving which may be perfect to say job well done, but if you really want to show you care choose from something a little more unique. There are many gifts that show you have put a little more thought into the buying process, an experience for example. Any day out in a spa, a shopping spree, city break or country retreat would be perfect for a birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift as it shows an element of romance.

Most flower delivery offers the same level of romance and thoughtfulness. You can really make the occasion special by sending balloons to someone’s work place or a gift basket. This can include wine or even champagne and chocolates for the perfect start to a romantic evening.

But thinking a little out of the box, you may realise that not all relationships with a female have a romantic component. If you are looking for something special for Mother’s Day or maybe want to show your appreciation to someone who has really helped you out. Of course there are perfect flowers which have timeless sentiment, but there are also chocolates and biscuits that show you have gone the extra mile.