A Short Guide to Your Baby’s Teething Problem

One of the most difficult things your baby will have to cope with in its first year and a half of life is teething.  This is the process where your baby’s first set of teeth – known as milk teeth – emerge out of their gums, causing them pain.  It’s something that every baby faces, and knowing how to handle it as a parent can be tricky.  So for support, we’ve created this helpful guide to your baby’s teething problem, and how to help them through this troublesome time.

teething problem

Teething is just a natural process
which every baby has to endure.

Signs Your Baby is Teething

Although some of the signs of teething are obvious, such as swollen gums, irritable moods and sleepless nights, there are other signals which are less self-evident.

For example, when your baby rubs their ear on the side where the tooth is coming through, this can be a sign they are experiencing uncomfortable pain. Similarly, if they have redder than usual cheeks, your baby might not just be warm, it could be a sign that there is a pressure build-up in their gums, causing them pain.  Finally, if they are drooling, this could be a sign that there is a tooth pushing through, making it a clear sign for teething.  For more signs of teething, click here for a comprehensive guide.

Issues Caused by Teething

The pressure caused by a tooth pushing through your baby’s gums will cause a lot of discomfort, but this isn’t the only issue that teething will cause them.  There are other symptoms which can cause your baby discomfort through this difficult period, too.

For example, diarrhoea is a common precursor to teething in many babies.  Also, the drool which can be caused by teething can – if it isn’t wiped up – lead to an irritating rash which can sting when touched.

How to Help Your Baby

Unfortunately, there’s not any one cure to teething; it’s just a natural process which every baby has to endure.  There are ways, however, you can help ease their pain and distress which don’t cost a lot and are relatively simple.

For a start, you can wipe their drool to prevent rashes from occurring, and you can give them something to chew one which will prevent them from chewing their fingers or anything else they’re not supposed to.  Retailers like Amber Pumpkin will have varied selections of teething toys which will help to comfort them when teething reaches its most painful moments.

So there you have it – our short guide to your baby’s teething problem, and how you can help them.

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Tips on Getting Picky Eaters to Eat

eating banana

The less you force your kids to eat
and model yourself by eating or
discussing good food, your children
will soon learn to regulate eating.

Most parents go crazy thinking of ways to encourage their picky eaters to eat. There are kids that will whine, cry, throw tantrums or simply refuse to eat the food on their plates but give them mac n’ cheese or dinner roll and they’d finish the serving in no time at all!

After a long and tiring day, the last thing parents want to do is to wrestle and force their child to eat food that is good for them. Parents will easy become irate and frustrated when their kids refuse to eat the food that they have worked so hard to prepare. Is there a way for parents to get the kids to eat without forcing them?

When it comes to issues regarding food, parents should consider the real reason why the kid doesn’t want to eat. There are kids who have hyper sensitivity issues with food’s taste, texture, smell or color and their bodies react negatively when presented with certain kinds of food.

Your values and beliefs regarding food may also be a reason why power struggles during meal times happen. People who grew up with depression and economic crisis will teach kids and may even force them to finish everything on their plate. On the other hand, parents will just encourage kids to eat just enough and avoid overeating. Parents should be aware of these values and emotional connection with food to realize how much food their kids really need and for them to become less rigid during meal times.

To help encourage kids to try and eat the food you prepare, model to them how to enjoy food by talking about how good it taste and lessen the talk about how healthy it is. Parents should also learn to put small portions on their kid’s plate and just encourage them to get another serving if they finish their meal. This practice is opposed to how some parents put hearty servings of food which appears overwhelming for a child to eat. The less you force your kids to eat and model yourself by eating or discussing good food, your children will soon learn to regulate eating. And soon, there will be less power struggles and picky eaters during meal times.

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Sweet and Quiet Kids’ Bedtime

After long and hectic days, most parents simply want to slouch on the sofa and catch their breath. Taking care of the kids, dealing with difficult co-workers and a pile of tasks still left undone makes parents want to rush the kids’ and just take a short respite. Despite our knowledge that kids need quality time with their parents and that reading to them before bedtime is a wonderful activity that can instill love of reading to your kids as much as serve as a bonding activity, it can still be a very difficult task especially if you are stressed or pressured.

kids' bedtime

Be ready to climb upstairs for your kids’ bedtime
and every once and a while, forgo all the chores
or the TV to stay, snuggle and hold them.

Instead of looking at kid’s bedtime as another chore to accomplish, try thinking of it as the best time of your day. You have worked so hard as parents so that you can support and care for your kids. And you do realize that they will not stay as kids for long so you should always take advantage of the time that you can have with them.

Be ready to climb upstairs for your kids’ bedtime and every once and a while, forgo all the chores or the TV to stay, snuggle and hold them. Kids have that sweet scent and innocent chatter can easily calm and relaxes your nerves. Read stories to your kids. Make different voices for each of the characters and sing songs for them. Ask your kids how their day went and about the activities they had during the day. Enjoy them. Being with them during this quiet time will easily remind you what your life as parent is all about. Your kids are the reason why you are working so hard, they are the purpose of your life. This realization will give you fresh perspective and even bring you peace.

So every once and a while, take of your shoes and get into bed with them. Soon your kids will all be grown up and will live their own lives. Make sweet memories of all the time you have with them especially those quiet moments before kids’bedtime. You will be thankful that you did your best to appreciate them despite the pressure and challenges.

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