4 Mess Free Snacks for Your Kids While on a Road Trip

road trip snacksTaking a road trip with the whole family can be one of the most incredible experiences you will all have together. Road trips allow you to truly take in the landscape and the attractions while you travel, and you have the freedom to go wherever you want at your own pace. Travelling with kids can be a little challenging though if you aren’t fully prepared, so it helps to have a few things sorted out before you leave. Entertainment and snacks seem to be the two biggest issues when it comes to keeping everyone happy on a road trip, so taking the time to organise this pre-trip will definitely help everything to go a lot smoother.

When it comes to snacks, you want to find things that are healthy, tasty and nutritious. This might seem easy, but when you are travelling in a car for hours on end, you also need to consider the mess factor! If you’re planning on going away with the whole family for a car adventure, here are 4 mess free snack ideas for your kids while you’re on a road trip.

Fresh Fruit Slices

While some fresh fruit can be messy, if you stick to pre-prepared slices of apples, peeled oranges, small strawberry segments and grapes, you have the chance to give your kids a fresh healthy snack that won’t get smeared throughout the car and onto their clothes. Just remember to refrigerate the fruit prior to leaving, keep the segments in a zip lock back and preferably store it in a cool bag to keep it fresh and firm. A packet of wet wipes is great to have on hand to stave away any sticky fingers after the snack.

Homemade Potato Chips

Making your own potato chips is a quick and healthy alternative to other highly coloured and processed savoury snacks. Simply slice the potato finely, lightly season, then bake in the oven with a light spray of canola. Once crisp, remove and leave to cool before popping into small Tupperware boxes for the trip. Your kids will love the feeling of having a treat, and you can relax knowing that they’re snacking healthily.

Whole Grain Sandwich Snacks

Sandwiches and crackers can get messy on long trips, so try these bite sizes whole grain snacks instead. Using a moist whole grain bread reduces the amount of crumbs, and cutting the sandwiches into small bite sized pieces means less opportunity for the filling to spill. Keep it simple, ham and cheese is a firm favourite, as is peanut butter and jam for the sweet tooths in the family.

DIY Trail Mix

Making your own trail mix is a great way to keep an eye on what your kids are actually snacking on. Rather than trusting commercial mixes which can be high in sugars, make your own from your kid’s favourite dried fruits and nuts. Package these into small portions and seal in zip lock bags for a quick, easy and tasty treat for even the longest road trip.

When planning a road trip with the kids, the last thing you want is sticky fingers and smeared food mashed into the beautiful upholstery of your brand new Suzuki Kizashi. To avoid heartache, stick to these simple and mess free snacks that your kids will love, without redecorating the interior of your car! These wholesome and healthy treats are easy to make and are tasty enough that your kids will really enjoy their special road trip snacks for the whole duration of your adventure.

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Bonding Activities Your Teenagers Will Love

Teenagers can be a bit sensitive when the topic is about their age. They no longer wanted to be treated like children and want to be seen as grown-ups. So perhaps it is high time that you treat them like responsible young adults as they tend to shy away from activities that make them feel like kids. Some games and activities such as children’s parties, going to the zoo and playing super hero may be fun for them last year, but they can start making them self-conscious now. And if you insist on having kiddie activities with them, you might find yourself unintentionally pushed away. Teenagers fear being ridiculed by their friends for doing something childish.


For you and your tweens to spend time together, you need to adjust your idea of having a good time and treat them more maturely. Suggest bonding ideas that they won’t be embarrassed about such as travelling, food tripping, watch blockbuster movies together and others. After school or over the weekend, you can take your kid over the latest pancake or donut joint and then take the opportunity to ask what they have been up to lately. You may also try watching the newest movies and they sure won’t feel any insecure when they’re so engrossed on what’s playing on the screen. While you’re at it, stop yourself from being too affectionate so they won’t shy away and will want to spend more time with you.

Teenagers love to explore and learn new things the cool way. Even if it’s not vacation time, you can take your kids away for a weekend and head somewhere you haven’t been to before. Turn family trips into an adventure worthy of Tomb Raider movies and your young adults will surely love the activity. Just avoid taking too much family pictures so your kids won’t be embarrassed to upload them online. To keep them grounded and if they’re so inclined, you can teach them new skills such as cooking or how check the car. This way they feel that they are trusted, responsible and grown up. Another is participating in volunteer works and fun runs that donate to charity. Doing something for a cause is a great bonding activity that will not only teach your kids to care about others but will also make them proud to be part of.

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5 Ways To Budget For A New Car

If you’ve ever dreamed of a 7 seat car for your family you know they’re not cheap. This means that you have to plan carefully to ensure that you can pay for it in full or afford a monthly loan payment. What are some tips that you can use to budget for your next vehicle?

family car

Plan On Trading In Your Current Vehicle

Your current vehicle could be worth a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars. The value of the car that you drive now can help you create a plan to purchase your next car. If you have a car that is worth a lot of money at the moment, you may want to plan on buying a car now to take advantage of the excellent trade in value that you car has.

Start Investing Today To Buy Your Car Tomorrow

If you put $10,000 into an investment account today, you can have $11,000 next year. You then invest the money again to create an even larger return on your initial investment. Eventually, you will generate enough interest to be able to make your car payment each month. This allows you to buy a car without having to use any of your savings to pay for it.

Get A Second Job To Save Money For Your Car

It may be a good idea to get a second job to help you pay for your next car. The money that you bring in can be put exclusively toward the cost of your new car without ruining the rest of your budget.

Cut Other Expenses To Free Up Extra Money

You could transfer your credit card balance to a card with a lower interest rate. That alone could save you hundreds of dollars a month. That money can then be used to make a car payment. Getting a roommate to share your apartment can be an easy way to lower expenses as well.

Negotiate A Good Deal On Your Next Car

Whenever you shop for a car, you should pay less than the sticker price. If you have a down payment, you may be able to negotiate an even lower payment each month because the dealer will get more of their money upfront. Since you are doing them a favor, the dealer may be willing to do you a favor by giving you a better deal. If you can cut an extra 10 percent from the cost of the car, you can get your car that much faster.

Budgeting for your next car doesn’t need to be complicated. Investment interest or getting a second job can make it easier to pay for a car while getting a good deal on the price of your car can make it easier to pay for as well. As long as you prepare ahead of time, you should have no problem getting the car you want at a decent price.

Author Bio: Jack has been a mechanic for 10 years and is a complete rev head. He has 5 cars to his name, and his past time hobbies include redoing old cars, travelling, going to car shows and writing blogs about cars.